6:46 PM May is here, the sun says hello again (here and then), and the days are getting brighter! I see more and more people outside and everyone's mood seems to get better. Good vibes all the way ~ 

I took May as a little challenge itself. After my NYC home trip, I felt a bit off...tired and exhausted. Also I'm taking a break from running due to knee pain I've been having the last 4 weeks! Safety first! Being off now is not my favorite time - I hate being injured, but this is not my first time, so I hope I can enjoy this road to recovery the best I can! 
Therefore I created my personal challenge which I started at the first of May: #mindful28 (head over to my IG where I share all about it) and I hope with this mind, body, and soul challenge I will be starting right into summer in June! 

I realized it has been too long and I definitely want you to enjoy a sweet spring challenge, as well - so why not a new active exercise for you? 
We did a lot so far...but one thing I always ignored are planks
The beaches are calling us soon and planks are so good for your core, shoulders, arms, and glutes!
Do you like planks?
Well this challenge might sound boring to you, but one question: can you plank for 4 minutes? If you are laughing now...try it first and tell me the result afterwards! 

I love improving my strength and especially working with bodyweight! I can do planks, but not super long! Also I still struggle with push-ups...my arms are super weak - this is my motivation to win this plank challenge! 

It's going to be fun and super smooth! Everyone can create a great workout around it or just add some sweet runs! 

Print out the plan below and I hope you'll join me on May 14th. 
Who's in? 

*Now before we start this challenge...I want y'all to do the challenge as great as you can, so maybe I should also mention or talk about the "perfect plank". We are doing this by ourselves, so we should know how to plank right...right? 

There you go, here's a great video introduction to planks! I watched it, too! Great instructor and a good example to really do it right! 

Now...do you feel ready for this? 

Don't think about it for too long. Just join me! 
We will rock this together and also I will be online with my thoughts and experiences, so if you need support, I'm around! 
Talk to me, or use the hashtag #allthewayup to connect! 

I know you can do this!
Have fun with this new challenge, yo!

x K