6:07 PM Being healthy isn't actually that hard...in the beginning I was struggling a lot though.

I am not a fan of diets and healthy eating was something that freaked me out — I'm honest. I can't be on a diet, there are too many limits and I feel like I'm punishing myself... also I want to live, enjoy the good stuff. YOLO.

I redesigned the concept of diets for me: if I want to live healthier, I want to exactly know what I eat and how it benefits my body. Mindful eating (soon I will talk about it more).
I built my pantry and chose things which are super healthy and medium healthy, nothing too crazy — at first you should know there's a lot of trying, trying, and trying.

What do I like, what new new can I add, and what else do I need? Since I always check the price as well, I try to stay in my budget (which is hard, too). Now after a while of being in this healthier world, I got my tricks to stay healthy, eat diversified, and keeping the budget in mind. Yes, it can be a hard journey, but it can be done! ~

I always laugh when I look at my basic pantry. All the stuff that I use is so simple, but simple doesn't mean bad. 
I love keeping it basic, so I have more options to mix and match! 

For those who want to try a healthier lifestyle, I want to show you a world which is not punishing you. A healthier lifestyle is so rewarding if you stay true to certain products plus you should never stop experimenting with food - this changes everything. 

Today I want to show you 5 of my go-tos which are super important in my life, pluse these help me creating the best food and the best mood. (My pantry is bigger than this, but this needs to be shopped every week, because I am using it 24/7)

1. OATMEAL: as a runner I love to get my healthy carbs! It took me soooo long to eat oatmeal, but I have found my perfect flavor combinations and also oatmeal is super abstract! I eat it for breakfast, I use it for my smoothies as a carb base and thickener, and I love to add it to cookies and cereal bars. So good! | 500g - 0,39€ 

2. CINNAMON: I love cinnamon so much!! Cinnamon is good for your gut - there's no way to ignore this sexy spice! Even if it wouldn't be so healthy, I would still consume it, because it's cinnamon, haha. I add it to my coffee, baking things, cooking things, smoothies, my cereal bowl...what else? | on the picture you see cinnamon barks from Cape Town (this cinnamon is insane!!)  - 1 bag - 2€ 

3. RICE: people always struggle way too much with carbs and the question if they can eat noodles, rice, or potatoes. I can't hear it any longer. I allow myself to eat rice - brown or white, I eat it. My current favorite is nature rice which tastes a bit like brown rice and I love including it to my dinners, but also desserts, and breakfasts! I love my chilli with rice, or asian meatballs with rice, or rice pudding, or rice soup - you can be very creative here! | 500g - 1,99€

4. DRIED MANGO: I am a snacky person and I love candy. I love my m&ms and a KitKat is also music in my ears. Unfortunately, I don't want to eat so much candy, because I know there are better options for my body. Once in a while I really treat myself (right now I am eating a pack of popcorn which I actually wanted to eat throughout the week, haha). But during the week, especially when I feel stressed or just blah (I'm an emotional eater) I train my body to snack on something healthy which I won't regret. My current favorite treat are dried mangoes! First of all...mangoes. I don't kow a person who doesn't like them. Second...mangoes!! I'm in heaven. In their dried form they actually appear like healthy gummies...test it! | 1 bag - 1,99€

5. COCONUT OIL: I never really cared about oils. The more you read about healthier nutrition, the more you read about good oils and bad oils. I stumbled across coconut oil, because it's healthier and it has so many benefits for your body and skin - inside out! Some of my favorite recipes asked for coconut oil, so it wasn't hard to switch from my usual oil or butter usage, to simply using coconut oil. Dress up your salad, bake, cook with it, mix it in your coffee or smoothie...coconut is always the perfect treat! | 500g jar - 4,99€

What are your top 5 pantry tings? Anything special, or do you keep it simple, too? 
You see that being healthy isn't killing you! There are so many affordable things which help you create the healthiest routine and many feel good vibes for you - try it!