8:26 PM With every fresh season approaching, I love to step up my game when it comes to my trainings and runs! I love the fact that I can finally run in the super early hours, when the sun just comes out and one still feels a tiny breeze! Don't sleep in during summer or spring — those bright days are gone too fast, we should enjoy them as much as we can!

While I am glad to have survived the colder season in any tempo and distance, I am now eager to conquer my limits — maybe some personal records, maybe new techniques, or just a general progress in posture, breathing, and strength!
To work on this right, I always love to workout with the Nike Training Club app which gives me a good selection of great sweat sessions! One day, I found some well engaging NTC workout recommendations in my emails which are especially good for running (that's how it was promoted). I did these, checked for some more which are a bit alike, and soon I had an awesome extension to my warm-ups, cool-downs, and general workouts — ONLY for my running routines.

Earlier, when I started with running, I didn't know enough about running, our bodies, and a right training! Today I know how important it is to work on certain body areas to maintain a good performance and improve beyond! I personally love ab and oblique exercises, so working on my core, to fix my posture and gain more power, is no problem for me!

I am actually super grateful about these exercises here, since I am a lazy ass when it comes to stretching and a proper cool-down. Sometimes I even skip the cool down. PLEASE DON'T SKIP IT!

Here is my top three of NTC workouts when it comes to running preparation, performance, and recreation.

ACTIVATION STATION: focus on legs and endurance of the lower body
WATCH YOUR TONE: focus on legs + abs, endurance of the whole body, and running strength
RUN READY YOGA: focus on stability of the abs, flexibility, quality of movement, and the perfect cool-down

The NTC app is for free and everything is well described and demonstrated — we would be silly if we didn't practice these routines! All of the above can be done without equipment — you only need your body, some water, and a killer attitude.

Ready to sweat?