7:31 PM The temperatures are screaming spring over here and it feels like the exotic season of fruits is back — this means smoothie season is here, too!
I love making smoothies throughout the year — I got my recipes and dear favorites, but the options of fresh fruits is just super rare during the colder months. I get super hyped and especially creative as soon as spring is knocking on our doors... Mangoes, berries, watermelon, the sweetest pineapples — I'm ready!

I think the past two weeks, I have been eating one mango a day and this was literally my highlight so far! I can't wait to mix exotic smoothies which do not only support me after or before a sweat session, but also treat my senses!

But be careful!

I know we are all tempted to drink lots of smoothies the next couple of months, but we have to look out what we exactly mix together, because there are certain things which can make any smoothie a secret calory trap. I know, making smoothies shouldn't be a hard thing to do with not so many rules, but with these tips below, you can still enjoy your liquid dreams without and fear! Go for it!

1. Who doesn't love honey? Honey is so delicious, but with its super sweet taste, it also brings a few calories along. — go with a healthier option, agave, for example. If you use a banana as a base in your smoothie and your banana is starting to become super ripe, use no additional sugar at all, because bananas maintain a lot of sugar already!
2. Fat is bad, fat is good! This is too complicated! Just remember to consume good fat! Fat which is healthy and support your heart and blood system! So go ahead and add some coconut oil, flaxseed oil, or avocado! Your body won't be mad about that!
3. Boost with no effort! During the long and super hot days, we neee extra energy! A little booster, mood enhancer maybe? and many special vitamins which keep our bodies going! I bet you got superfoods around, but you don't use them super often... or maybe you are scared! Start small. Add cinnamon to your smoothies...ginger, turmeric. Goji berries, matcha, ashwaghanda, maca, and all the weird mushrooms out there (I love reishi). If this is all too crazy, add some natural vanilla extract which will boost your mood beyond! It can be so easy!
4. If you used full-fat yogurt ever since, make sure to switch to a lighter version! Low-fat yogurts do their job, too, or you switch over to a delicious greek yogurt!
5. If you think you can only get protein via dairy, don't worry, replace the dairy with whey protein!
6. Once you exclude dairy products of your smoothie, you might get scared that the smoothie will be too thick — don't worry! You can go super simple and just add water. Or you add some coconut water which supports you with great minerals and vitamins, or you add your beloved dairy in a anti-dairy form: hazelnut milk, almond milk, or oat milk. They all have a creamy and smooth texture plus some nut milks have a special flavor which might benefit your smoothie.
7. There's a long list of stuff we should take on a daily basis to keep our bodies healthy. There's Omega-3, for example. It is super important, too... eating fish is not everybody's thing and taking supplements every day is annoying! One of the easiest things to not forget about the fatty acids is to simply add 1 teaspoon of flaxseeds to your smoothie. Adding flaxseeds is no big effort, but it's the best health trick for your body!! Flaxseeds can heal your body and benefit so much! Don't underestimate them!
8. Add greens! Check your garden or your fridge...you always have green leftovers which would definitely land inside your trash! Add spinach, lettuce, herbs, kale — whatever you got! Greens support you with lots of vitamins!
9. I already talked about it... bananas contain lots of sugar, but many recipes suggest them as a base, because they are cheap and provide you with a creamy texture. You can also get this special creaminess by adding one avocado! This is also a good tip for the ones who hate the certain banana taste inside their smoothies.
10. To get the most out or your fruits, make sure to buy them when they are super fresh! Use them immediately or freeze them to maintain the high vitamin content. The longer your fruits lay around, the riper they get and the more sugar they contain... best example bananas!

This was a lot of nerd talk now, but I guess you might heard these things before! We definitely shouldn't stress ourselves when we mix our own smoothies — we don't have the time for that. What's your favorite smoothie combination? I hope y'all enjoy the greatest flavors out there ~

Take it easy and remember those tips once in a while ~