9:49 PM A while ago, I did a fun challenge with y'all and so far there were no words about it released yet. I thought it's actually quiet fitting to talk about it now since many people dismiss winter to go or start running. Now that spring is here, I see more and more people lacing up — I love that!

If you happen to start running now or you are looking for a fun way to approach to your first 5k, check out the "Dear Running" challenge. For those who participated...how was it? How were you feeling? I hope everyone conquered their first 5k without any injuries or such! High five to everyone who joined me — I really appreciate it!!

So how was my personal 5k? Well I ran some 10k races before...I'm used to a 5k routine and I am also used to run during the colder days. Still I wanted to work on my perfect rhythm and breathing since this is essential! In between my challenge, I even experienced a season change since I spent 12 days in tropical Cape Town where running felt like torture, haha — I could barely move or work on my performance from home...A new challenge inside my challenge!

I must admit, even though it's only a "simple" 5k, this 4 week routine can be tough. Not only for beginners, also pros! Putting my training on first place is always hard, because life actually happens and sometimes I feel too comfy in my pjs and I just want to chill. For this, I chased some solitude in meditation again. Just like I said, life happens and sometimes you forget about the tiniest things. Here you must break the rules or recreate your pattern...habits can be trained.

I think one of my four weeks was super weak! Body tired, job stressed me, my energy was gone — let me sleep forever! I'm a bad example for y'all, I thought. I bit my tongue, swallowed all the cursing down which flew inside my head, and brushed the dust off my shoulders. I will use headspace a couple of times to get my mindset right!

A weak performance is okay, I can't be Lebron all day.

What matters is that you show up, say yes to your training. Don't procrastinate! If your body feels tired, exhausted, and you don't have any power left, make sure to rest! Find some balance again through strength training. #roadtorecovery is what I still do... I was injured once and since my shins are better again, I have been adding my injury recovery tricks for a healthy recovery. More massages, more oils, more vitamins — more self care!

In the beginning of the challenge I was so motivated to share all of my trainings, any tiny movement. One day, I forgot my phone and I ran without any music and no tracking. I knew how much I had to run, but it was weird hearing no voice telling you how slow/ fast you are. I feel weird having no music with me, since I truly believe that music is helping me with every step. Finding the perfect rhythm is just perfect while listening to hip hop... Now I was listening to nature...cold winds blowing in my ears. It wasn't that bad! I continued to not capture my runnings with shooting tons of videos and photos while moving. I focused on my steps and breathing only! It was the best freedom I created during the challenge! By the time, I felt good about my rhythm...I actually started running more in my Nike Zoom Fly's which are a sweet pleasure to run with! My body feels good...sore, but healthy!

At the end of the challenge, I was off a little bit, though! I couldn't run every day because of work and such, but I made sure to do a kickass workout instead. It all worked out and my final run was a great end of an exciting running project! I learned a lot about the perfect atmosphere for a perfect run! New gear, older habits. Finding back to the simple things with no pressure. Mental strength. Working with your body — read it, understand it, treat it well. After a challenge, I love how "close" I feel to my body! I am more sensitive when it comes to feelings, emotions, and desires. Africa taught me well. I struggled with my body for the first time (because of the climate), but I would say that I mastered this issue beautifully with no pressure, but appreciation.

I thank my body every day for being such a strong hero.
My hero.
Running gives me so much...
I hope this challenge showed you this beautiful side of running, as well! 
Did you fall in love with it yet?