8:12 PM The last months, I forced myself to explore more vegetables and healthy proteins! I'm picky when it comes to my green selection and there are days where I am really sick and tired of eating the same stuff over and over again. I love broccoli and cauliflower, cucumber, and bell peppers – all of these things are cheap, but as soon as it comes to “exotic stuff” I say no, because it’s too expensive and I’m scared to not like it and waste of all my cash. Stupid attitude. Also, everything that looks weird or uninviting will not land on my plate…I sound like a kindergarten kid… Nevermind. 

I gave myself a kick in the butt and told myself to try new stuff. I made it so far…I’m still motivated. I welcomed sweet potatoes, parsnips, root beets, celery (omg basics?) I know… I was also having problems with chickpeas! I’m a huge hummus fan, but I never really knew what to do with these fellows in a raw condition. 
A few weeks ago, I made my favorite hummus again: banana hummus and I had a couple of chickpeas left-over… what now? I had no idea. 

My first and best idea was to throw them into the oven to bake them…the only way I could imagine eating them raw/ untouched is baked or fried. Everything tastes amazing once it is soaked with silky olive oil and delicious herbs. Okay – I will give it a try.
That day I was eating fish and grilled broccoli… I threw my handful of chickpeas in the oven, covered with Cajun seasoning and olive oil and just waited. I had no expectations – all I wanted was not to waste my food! When I tasted them at the end, I was shocked how good it was.
The chickpeas turned super crispy and were full of flavor! Bye bye to their floury and weird consistency – this is actually a super sexy snack, not only an exciting side dish. 

That day, my broccoli was the loser – my chickpeas won. And now I eat them super often or whenever I need a break from my boring routine! You should try it, too!


YOU NEED 1 can chickpeas + 3 tablespoons Cajun seasoning + 1-2 tablespoons olive oil + optional sea salt 

1. Preheat the oven to 200°C.
2. Wash your chickpeas and dry them on a dish towel for a couple of minutes. 
3. Take out a casserole dish and cover it with olive oil and the Cajun seasoning. 
4. Add the dried chickpeas and stir them well! Make sure that everything is coated well and if you want to you can surely add some more olive oil! If you like as well, you are free to add some sea salt! 
5. Once everything is done, bake the chickpeas for 40 minutes or until they are super crispy.

I love that this recipe is so easy and you can’t do anything wrong! Even better is the fact that chickpeas are so boring, you can bake them with any seasoning you like and it will taste fantastic! Add Jamaican jerk seasoning, taco spice, African blends – the world is yours! The spicier, the better, right? 

Have fun trying this recipe and make sure to tell me about your experience ~ happy eating!

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: Kichererbsen — chickpeas.