9:26 PM I hope yesterday's excursion to a more personal topic was interesting for all of you and maybe I could inspire you a little bit! If you know people who have mental health issues, or you know someone who'd love to read my words, make sure to share it! Sharing is caring — help your loved ones! Again, soon, I will talk more about this abstract topic! This post was only the beginning! 

I also told you in this post that food has become a soothing addiction of mine! Reading cookbooks, discover food, and especially experiment! Cooking is such a great way to meditate and getting to know your own body - I don't want to miss this in my life. 
Today I would love to share something which one definitely needs if one loves to experiment and cook in the kitchen! My pantry is FULL with all the good stuff and over time now I am studying all the foreign pantries more and more! 

Since NYC is my second home, I do know a lot about American brands and classics which a house wifey shouldn't miss! 

Everytime I visit the Big Apple, I make sure to buy plenty of things which I can use back in Germany to maintain my beloved American lifestyle with all the yummy treats and pleasures. The list is long since I don't get all the things in Germany, or I would have to pay tripple the price! 
First stops are always Whole Foods and Trader Joe's — heaven on earth! 
But hey, there's more — let's discover this together! 

Time for part 1 of my American pantry!

LÄRABAR: I love snacking and I love eating cereal bars or energy bars which I can snack whenever I get hangry or I mastered another hardcore workout! If I wouldn't be so lazy, I would make my own every week, but I have to admit that I am really excited to buy plenty of different flavors and also brands in the US, because I know about their diversity and super delicious flavors. I can't top that… I either way invest in any CLIF bar out there or lately, I also try Lärabar's selection. So far, I am pretty happy about the stuff I bring back home...I just wish I could shop all of these here in Germany, as well! 
(I bought a pack with 4 Lärabars for 5$ - on sale at Target)

AJIRI TEA: I'm a tea addict! I love all the different flavors out there and testing new or different brands is what excites me the most! After my trip to Africa, I got to know Ajiri Tea - a great company which sells more than tea and coffee! If you shop with Ajiri, you are not only supporting orphan education, but also powerful women in Kenya who work on the teas! Ajiri Tea is strongly female based and I love how much art and social power is included in every single box! I got all their flavors at home, but I have to admit that the black tea flavored with mango is my dearest favorite! I can't wait enjoying it super cold this summer and maybe I will also include this to many of my tea smoothie recipes! I recommend to get yourself some Ajiri love as well - their boxes are a true piece of art! And their tea…? Never gets bitter! Smooth and full of aroma!! 

M&Ms: I am addicted to M&Ms!!! The toughest thing for me is being in Germany while the US market is enjoying all the crazy special flavors! I sometimes order limited editions via Ebay, but I am actually not ready to pay 10$ for some candy which I will eat within 4 minutes, haha. I love that the company always releases special flavors and I am dying to try all of them! My latest favorite is the coffee flavor edition - so good! No matter what season it is, I always try to get my hands on any M&Ms flavor! This will be my all-time favorite for now! 

MAC'N'CHEESE: I never understood why people love to eat mac'n'cheese with its deep and rich yellow color. There's nothing natural about this and after cooking it by yourself once, one is actually not really turned on seeing all this butter and extra fat. Still... mac'n'cheese is a mad good cheat day treat. Soulfood when one needs something to smile big again! I like the flavor once in a while, but I can't have it every week… 
Still I only buy it to have it (just in case)! I also have this weird preference of eating mac'n'cheese more during summer time, for example BBQ parties… A steak and mac'n'cheese - yeah, that's a sexy fantasy. 
(below 2$)

JUSTIN'S: I am not the biggest fan of peanut butter...but during my recent trips, I finally tested Justin's nut butters and I am more than satisfied! The good thing is that Justin's really offers everything so I don't need to force myself to like peanut butter! Justin's almond butter is the bomb and I totally understand the price! High quality and super delicious flavors! *The squeezing options are crazy cool, too! 

BRAIN DUST BY MOON JUICE: When I started being healthy and became a runner step by step, I was super intrigued to also try different superfood blends. In Germany...everyone is behind when it 
comes to that stuff. Moon Juice, for example is not even available here. 
I remember how I was running around to find simple stuff like maca or ashwagandha - I needed to buy it from the UK. 
When I got to NYC - I bought all my mushrooms, bee pollen, and I needed to invest into something from Moon Juice - it had to be their famous brain dust! I don't want to miss this in my pantry!  

EVERYTHING BUT THE BAGEL SEASONING BY TRADER JOE'S: I already told you that I love shopping at Trader Joe's. Their selection of cookies and candies is actually my favorite...but here and then, I love to explore their general products as well! When the "Everything But The Bagel" seasoning hit my Instagram feed, I knew I needed to get it! 
It was sold out at so many Trader Joe's, but I finally got my hands on it one day… 
Guess, what - it was a great investment, I don't want to miss my beloved seasoning! 
I recently used it to bake challah buns with it and it was beyond delicious! Remember the post? 
(it was under 2$? I don't remember the price)

Do you share any favorites from above with me? Or do you love other American pantry must-haves? 
I am always curious to hear what kind of things you like to use or snack on!

 Food connects - let's connect closer!