Kapstadt, Südafrika

4:11 PM In my post #alldemlabels I talked about our society being victims of all the shiny things which are screaming label names...I know I know. I am one of these people, too! I celebrate adidas everytime they drop something and I love Nike for creating awesome running shoes all the time - but the question is if we really need it.
Do we always need to show off? Showing how "rich" we are or proving that we can afford all the cool stuff just that society accepts us...After Africa, I learned that there is more important than that.
Don't put pressure on yourself with this's a waste of time. Believe me.

Last time I was in the Big Apple, I planned to buy some special workout gear for Africa, since I planned a lot of hiking, running, and yoga! After going to my usual favorite stores and realizing that I don't want to spend 200$ only for "a cute outfit", I walked along 6th Ave and brainstormed. Do I really need all that stuff or can I mix a cool outfit from my home things? Well, fact is that I needed a new sports bra...

I though about my sister telling me that in Shanghai she got herself a nice active outfit from Old Navy. I actually didn't know that Old Navy had such a great offer when it comes to performance wear! I love Old Navy! As a kid, we always went to the mall in Fargo, ND, to get the traditional Old Navy shirts with the US flag and the year on the front. My mom always treated us with one more thing, so I always got the craziest fashion pieces which I thought no one would have back in Germany. I enjoyed shopping there, but as a grown-up, I somehow stopped going.

Sine I was on 6th Ave already, I thought I might drop by and just check what they had! I have to admit that the sports section really impressed me! Seeing the prices made me so happy that I took my newest favorite sports bra with me!

My sports bra came with me to Africa where I wore it a lot and I was so grateful to have "invested". The material is smooth on the skin, it's tight, and also the cut is very inviting with some tiny details on the back side! Old Navy - you do such a good job here!

Now that I'm back in New York...I might visit you again. Maybe I'll find some cute spring pieces which can motivate to kick ass for summer time!

Have you ever tried Old Navy's active wear? Or is there any other affordable brand you know?
I love exchanging about things like that, so don't be shy!

*please ignore my sunburn...