Kapstadt, Südafrika

7:38 PM While getting ready for Africa, my first exciting thing I did was researching food places! I read that South Africa is a bbq nation, so I invested some extra time to find all the cool places I really needed to see (and taste).
I can't have bbq all day, so I prepared a list of spots which is able to seduce me in the morning, around lunch time, or a little snack for in between.
Since we were travelling to a summer destination, I wanted to make sure to also treat myself with some nice ice cream, or maybe a milkshake!

Google told me that the best ice cream in South Africa can be found at Unframed Ice Cream - I needed to check this out!

On our way to Woolworth supermarket, we passed my beloved pizza spot and then following up, we finally reached our ice cream dealer! I love that sometimes one doesn't have to leave the street, because everything important is located on one street!

Don't be confused first. Unframed Ice Cream is not your standard ice cream shop. It's all white, clean, and super minimal. "Where's the ice cream?," I thought. Walking closer, there was a table which you have to see super close to actually get to know the flavors they offer. We both went with two scoops, but deciding was really hard!! Sometimes, I saw, they offer special flavors, a little hipster color or whatsoever, but the day we were there, it seemed to be the usual selection.

I went with coffee and matcha. Oh boy.
Can you see the creaminess on the picture? This ice cream was really special!  I prefered the coffee one, since the matcha was just too much matcha flavor in my mouth! I don't know if every ice cream flavor is vegan there, but I can tell you that this ice cream is really worth a try!

The perfect refreshing treat for a super nice price!
Now that I talk about it...maybe I should try my own coffee ice cream? Hmmm...

Unframed Ice Cream, 45C Kloof Street, $