6:07 PM This post feels special to me. It really is. 
I was so excited to share this special place with you...it's actually my last post about Cape Town (before I share the video with you). I had a lot to share, a lot to talk about, and a lot to just swallow down - the blog helped me a lot to embrace this great experience! 
My Africa posts here felt like a neverending story, but I hope I could show you a place which inspired you to visit as well! Africa is not a typical travel destination, but if you travel there, I hope I can help you with my tips and places I mentioned here! 

Today I want to show you my dear favorite place in Cape Town. I already told you about Bo-Kaap, the Cape Malay neighborhood which is mostly muslim, a heaven on earth
The location of the neighborhood is beyond stunning, but also the vivid and colorful streets make anyone smile and happy as soon as they enter the place. 
Bo-Kaap is not crazy packed with sights or hotspots, but one thing you feel no matter where you go is a feeling of family, traditions, and close connections. May it be their roots, the values of their culture, or just a sunny being, this place is magical and super inspiring. 

Since I am a donut freak, I once researched about other donuts or foreign donut recipes. On my research I got to read about koeksisters - a Cape Malay donut. As soon as I came to Cape Town, I continued researching where to get the best koeksister in town. My research didn't help me...I only found a place on yelp which would actually sell koeksisters here and then. (I thought you could get them at every corner in Cape Town?! No....) 

When I hiked up to Bo-Kaap for the first time, I visited the place which the yelp person talked about...a café, somewhere in between the colorful houses. Rose Corner Café. 

I love the name and I was excited to try my koeksisters, but when I found the café, I was a bit confused. This isn't a café, it's more like a bodega - or a neighborhood kiosk where everyone meets, drinks tea, and exchanges about the weather and the world. Just like in NYC ~ 

I entered and looked around. 
It looks pretty cheap and it's stuffed with the basics - nothing bad! 
The place was full with some housewifeys and some old grandpas hanging around. Kids ran in to get some ice cream. 

The dude at the counter smiled at me and asked if he could help. 
Since I couldn't find the koeksister (I didn't even know how they looked like) I asked him if he sells anything cool in here which I needed to try! 
A little note (fuck, I forgot his name) but this young man was so charming. I was in love with his positive attitude! 
He said I needed to try a koeksister and a samosa - I am not allowed to leave without trying! 

I didn't come to eat samosas, I thought, but he was so happy and such a good soul, I couldn't say no to anything he said... 
More clients came in and he said I should take a look around, he will be back soon! 

He knew every name of every client, being also super charming with them....how did he do that? 
"Katrin!," he screamed. 
I went back to him and he said I should never stop smiling. It looks pretty....
Man, muslims are always so charming...I can't take this. 

I asked him if he could tell me anything about the koeksister which doesn't look like a donut and then a beautiful history lesson started. 
The koeksister is actually a twisted or braided donut, buuuut, don't confuse it with the Cape Malay version - I'm talking about the Cape Malay version here: a little brown donut hole with coconut flakes around. 
In comparisson to the usual donuts, the guy explained to me, that the Cape Malay koeksister is not being deep fried like her other sisters. It's actually a healthy donut with crazy flavors. 

The Cape Malay people take their koeksisters really serious - it's a Sunday ritual that one shouldn't miss at home. He told me that his grandma sat in the kitchen every Sunday and she made 100s of these for the whole family. And here he doesn't talk about mom, dad, and the sister, but the uncles, and their kids, and their best friends, and their neighbors - everyone is kind of getting together to eat koeksisters. It's a tradition which he loves. 

If you compare the Cape Malay koeksisters to the traditional koeksisters you will notice that they are full of aroma. You'll get a blend of anise, cinnamon, cloves, caradamom, and ginger - you are not prepared for this experience, yo!

He also told me that the Cape Malay love to use all of these spices because of their well-being. The spices clean the inside-out and they also have a huge impact on skin and mood effects. Happy and beauty food at the same time! I loved that!

I said yes to my koeksister and a samosa - I had many of these before...
In addition to that, he also told me I should bring my own mix of boeber with me home, because without this drink I will miss a lot of Cape Malay culture!
Boeber is basically a milk drink with vermicelli noodles, sago, cardamom, cinnamon, and rosewater. Okay, I will try this, too!

I got my things and decided to leave since, the place was packed all the time and I wanted the dude to do his work! I asked way too many questions!
We shook hands and I left.

At my hotel I enjoyed my tiny South African feast.
The samosa was super crunchy (at least 5 times fried, haha) with a very interesting anise or cinnamon spiced meat filling! It was so good! In Africa, it feels like everything is extra spiced with cinnamon and cloves...

My first koeksister experience was exciting! The donut itself is a bit sticky, since it's drenched in a syrup, but the consistency is very fluffy and warm. The spices are definitely the center of attention here and it really doesn't taste like a traditional donut - but it's delicious in its own way!

You saw the koeksisters already in my last post - together with almond butter they are even better!
It's the perfect snack or breakfast treat - but if you happen to be in Cape Town, make sure to try these!

Please head to Rose Corner Café to experience the big and warm hearts of the Cape Malay people! If you are looking for authentic food and conversations, this place is a must!

Especially the outside art is worth a visit!
Thank you Rose Corner Café for treating me so well!!

Rose Corner Café, 100 Wale St, Cape Town, $