Samstag, April 7 Kapstadt, Südafrika

8:31 PM Going to Cape Town meant for me to try all the crazy and exotic things Africa has to offer. I got my favorite food, but I love exploring anything new! In South Africa, I ate the craziest stuff and I reconnected with flavor and seasoning in general. One day, I had to admit, that New York is always following me and I don't mind wearing my home with me wherever I am!

Walking up Kloof Street I found a second home, away from home. Nothing exotic, nothing crazy, just pizza! My head told me that this place wasn't just a normal pizza place...(yes, pizza is something very important in my life). This place is called NY Slice Pizza - an authentic New York pizza place?! Oh wow, I was so hyped to find a pizza place which sells the legendary slices far away from pizza heaven! I needed to check this out!

I entered a tiny shop - mostly the bar or counter with the pizza selection, two table sections where you could eat and so much New York decoration....it was almost too cheesy. 
On their menu they got anything from the traditional cheese slice to a buffalo chicken slice! I got myself a cheese and pepperoni slice and I was pretty surprised that the slices start at 1,63€. 
The guy who sold me the slices was a really sweet and chilled dude...nevertheless, I had only eyes for my pizza, so I rushed back to my hotel to enjoy this. 

As you can see on the picture...those slices are not 100% NY slices...Jaja, I'm mean now. I have eaten too many real NY slices - I am spoilt and I know where to get the good stuff. But being so far away from New York, this pizza was really good and worth the price! 

If you ever get the feeling that you need to eat something which isn't foreign and gives you a certain feeling of home, try this pizza place! Experiencing this once is really fun and I don't think that eating pizza on vacation is a crime. 

Have you ever tried New York's pizza? Or do you know places which have better pizza than the Big Apple?

NY Pizza Slice, 49 Kloof St, Cape Town, $

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