Kapstadt, Südafrika

8:57 PM Thinking about Africa, one imagines the distances between the cities and the real size of the continent. Africa is huge, man, but on the map, I though that Cape Town has something of a village, but not a big city or such.
See how naive I was...when I arrived, I realized again that Africa is not Germany. Cape Town might not have the biggest shopping miles and neighborhoods, but also Mother Nature owns a lot of space there.

I already said it in my Unframed Ice Cream post. It was so cool to sometimes walk down the street and realize that there's every important restaurant or supermarket door to door - how delightful!
I hate running around town just to get from one spot to the other!

The first two days in Cape Town, I realized that my hotel had the best location to explore, eat, and just be. I didn't even need a map or such, because I only had to walk up north or down south!

If you ever get the chance to visit Cape Town: mark your maps now! Loop Street and Long Streets are the best addresses to start exploring Cape Town and its culture.

What no one knows is that Cape Town's culinary scene is far ahead! I know some cool places in NYC, but Cape Town feels like New York times two!

Healthy food, nasty food, traditional stuff, (escaping places like McDonalds or Pizza Hut), hip food, or concept stores which have the brighest future - I really dig this!

Check out my little guide for Long Street and Loop Street.


OUMEUL BAKERY: all the sweets you are craving versus delicious bread and other treats.
KAUAI: healthy food, anyone?
TIGER'S MILK: a nice bar for the evening
MAMA AFRICA: traditional South African food - this spot is highly recommended!
YOURS TRULY: dear hipsters...this is your spot. But this café is so so pretty - you should go!
ORCHARD HEALTH AND JUICE BAR: the best best best smoothies in town!!

*my favorite are Yours Truly and Orchard Health Bar!


HOMAGE 1862: some more African dishes with traditional twists.
THE VELVET CAKE CO.: you will walk a lot in Cape Town, so enjoy some sweets from here! They are cupcake experts!
BANH MI 11: Vietnamese food at its best!
FRATER HOUSE MODERN EATERY: such a cool spot with classic dishes to a super sweet price!
WILD SPROUT: your perfect Butcher's Daughter or Jack Wife's Freda copy ~ I love the interior of the spot!
BANKS BURGER: sometimes all you need is a burger, some fries, and a shake. That's where you need to be!

*tip: Frater House Modern Eatery, Banh Mi 11, Wild Sprout, and Banks Burger are all neighbors! Door to door - you can't miss them, haha. *go with the burger joint and Wild Sprout!

I was so lucky to be staying at the Happy Rhino Hotel, which is located next to Banks I was treated with the best smell every day! Loop and Long Street are such cool places to find all the different food you are craving!
Try something traditional, but also make sure to explore Cape Town's hip culture! It's so exciting seeing and especially tasting all of this!