12:05 PM Time to swell in delicious food fantasies...
I am still caught up in this weird jetlag thing and all of a sudden spring left us...It's Monday. Maybe I should just stay a bit longer in bed? 

Being back from New York is always a weird feeling. I had the best food and treated myself beyond!
Now back home, I feel like no food here is satisfying me as much as the stuff I ate in the Big Apple, haha. 
To keep this sexy feeling alive, I brought some things with me, so I still feel like on vacation. 
Last time, I already invested in it was for certain that I'll bring some more when I return!

I am talking about Justin's

Now where shall I start?

Let me tell you this...I am German. Here, in the land of pretzels, we don't grow up eating peanut butter like crazy. In my family, I grew up with my spoon inside the Nutella jar - that's it! Nutella on everything, please!
Then, I heard about peanut butter. What the hell? 
I was never into it. Never. Never...

The more I travelled to the US, the more I learned about PB - it was basically everywhere! Why? 
I asked people about Nutella - do you dig that, too? Nahhh, PB is everything. 

While my family jumped on the PB train, I refused to eat it...until I started eating Reese's, haha. Omg this is freaking delicious!! I don't know if it was the chocolate, but I started to understand that PB can be something great...

I invested in my first peanut butter jar and I tried creating fantastic recipes with it. 
Until today, I am cool with peanut butter - not a freak, but I know it's worth it! 
I still don't feel brave enough to eat it with a spoon just like Nutella, but I enjoy including it to my baking goods or smoothies! 

Since I was always "eating" the same brand of PB, I was happy to discover Justin's when I went to Target. I saw the brand on Instagram before, but I never read about their flavor or if the money is worth to be spent here... 

My suitcase had no room for big peanut butter jars, but I decided to go with the squeeze packs, since they were hella cheap. With the squeeze packs I could go with every flavor and test myself through the selection first!

At Target they had the vanilla almond butter, the honey peanut butter, and the chocolate hazelnut butter (hi Nutella...haha) - I was excited to try them all! 

Unfortunately, these are so tiny, that I totally forgot about them until I went to South Africa! I decided to take them with me, because I don't know about my breakfast routines there, and also I could use this extra energy and sweet treat when I go hiking or such. 

Et voilá, when we moved to our Airbnb it was finally time to test them ALL! 
We bought some great breakfast rolls from our dear favorite place and I also mixed a little traditional South African dessert into our breakfast routine - the koeksister (a Cape Malay donut)

Flavors overload, yo!

Holy Christ!
I love Justin's so so so much! 
I started with the honey peanut butter which I rather see myself using in cookies, or energyballs that I like to take after or before my workouts! (It's awesome, but just like I said...I am not hardcore into raw PB).

Then I moved on with my almond butter and the hazelnut butter! I had high expectations! 
I never tasted almond butter before, and deep down inside I was hoping to find a healthy version of Nutella with the hazelnut choice...
Yes, yes, yes! 

I have to admit that these two options are definitely fellas you can eat just like that! I don't need bread or anything to go with these! 
Surprisingly, I loved the vanilla almond butter beyond! I guess it's my favorite! It doesn't really taste like almonds (I was scared it might taste like marzipan paste or such...) 
Here you got a combination of cocoa butter, almonds, and delicate vanilla - such a good mixture to create a heavenly sin!! The texture is a bit thicker, but still smooth and creamy with a strong but delicious flavor! Moooore, please!

The hazelnut butter with the koeksisters? Oh lord. 
Jaja, I talk too much about Nutella, but I really guess that this is the perfect example to show that Nutella is shit (no disrespect...) but with these ingredients here, one is super healthy and still the flavor is there! I taste rich nuts and a silky chocolate flavor - can I get this in a jar here in Germany?!?! Hazelnut butter is my hero!

Maybe this one is my favorite? Actually each squeeze pack had so much uniqueness that everyone deserves to be my favorite. It's hard to choose....
I just love the flavors and how organic everything tastes (again, that's a plus). 
Justin's - I'm ready to explore more flavors soon!!
I am thankful to teach my mouth and tongue new flavors and taste things I never thought I would have sexy fantasies on...

Is that normal?
Haha, happy Monday, y'all!!

Find Justin's here, and here, or here