Kapstadt, Südafrika

1:52 PM One reason why I love running is the fact to spend more time outside! Where I live, all my running routes happen to be surrounded by nature and a lot of green! A spa for my soul and lungs, haha. No matter how stressed I am, as soon as I find myself in between trees and bushes, I feel comfortable and safe. I guess that's why each time I travel to a new destination, it's important for me to discover all the parks and green oases. That's why I really enjoy running or walking in Central Park as soon as I'm in New York! In Paris I love the Jardin des Tuileries and also the green playgrounds throughout the city and in Madrid I remember I was so hyped to see the Retiro park. You get my point!

In Cape Town, my sightseeing list was almost full with nature attractions — anything which is outside and exotic! Of course I also fell in love with the parks there as well! I often talk about recreation on the blog and I love emphasizing how important it is to me. Not only as a runner I need time to relax, recover, and recharge, but also as a human being.

Recreation is the practice that keeps us going.

Especially during vacations...I know how stressed sightseeing can be. One always wants to do and see plenty — time is running away too fast. What I learned from my stressful trips home to NYC is to slow down and take myself some time. NYC is hectic and it always feels like I need to catch up, but it's not making sense chasing after things without really noticing or realizing them.
During chaos and hectic times, find a place where you can relax, breathe, and just be for a second!
Since Cape Town isn't NYC, I wanted to breathe a lot in Cape Town! Calming down during any time of day and just experience this magical place! I wanted to discover this beauty beyond and never stress myself! During my walks I found the most magical places and I bet there are more to see... After a couple of days, I found my serenity spots, places I wish I had at home! I spent almost every day at the V&A Waterfront to breathe in the salty air and listen to the waves crushing — mi oceans always soothe me! I found some great spots not only to recreate myself mentally, but physically!

Check out my ideas to recreate yourself in Cape Town!

V&A Waterfront
I will mention this place in every Cape Town post, I guess! At V&A Waterfront you can easily relax and have a good dinner (how about an original Cinnabon roll?), or you hide at the back side of the mall where you can find peace and quietness. Along the running route, directly next to the water, you can sit on a bench and relax, or you sit directly on the ground while exploring the beautiful flowers and bushes. (ALSO MADE FOR PHYSICAL RECREATION)

Sea Point
Along the Sea Point promenade, you can continue breathing in salty air and soaking in all the sunshine! Relax somewhere on a bench or feel the sand between your toes when you enter one of the many beaches along. (ALSO MADE FOR PHYSICAL RECREATION)

Company's Garden
This was one of my favorite places in Cape Town!! It was super close to my hotel so I could go there several times a day! I loved the atmosphere of quietness in a vibrant and loud city! The park feels like a piece of land which some royals's super fancy! If you want to explore Cape Town's flowers, make sure to head there! Palm trees, normal trees, cacti, bamboo, there's so much to explore!

Tafelberg Rd Platform
When my sister finally made it to Cape Town, we wanted to see Table Mountain together! Unfortunately, we didn't make it to our wished location, because the sun was already going down, but I showed her a spot right in between where you have no tourists and such a good view! The place up there is perfect to also do some yoga or simple meditation! Head to the Kloof Nek Rd bus station and walk along Tafelberg Rd (up the stairs) towards the platform - you can't miss it! (ALSO MADE FOR PHYSICAL RECREATION)

Stairs at Somerset Hospital
Time for a little rest during all the shopping? Or getting ready for your next run? These colorful steps gave me the feeling of being just like Snoop and Pharrell in their "Beautiful" video, haha. The colorful steps are a historical part of Cape Town and they are so much fun to be tested for a little up and down run!

Hiking routes around 
There are so many hiking routes around town and also a bit furhter away from Cape Town! No matter if you go to Table Mountain, Devil's Peak, Lion Head, or anywhere else - there's so much to explore! Make sure to also plan some routes which will treat you with stunning waterfalls or unseen animal life - Cape Town is the best excuse to experience this!

Green Point Urban Park
This park has the perfect location if you want to do some sightseeing and some relaxing! If you want to be active, you can also go wild in its included fitness park with the perfect view. Breathe in some ocean air and enjoy the view on Cape Town's stadium. Watch out - the sun down there is really killer! Never hike around there without any protection or such!  (ALSO MADE FOR PHYSICAL RECREATION) 

The hills of Bo-Kaap
My favorite neighborhood!! I hate walking up hills, but walking up Bo-Kaap is always a pleasure! Not only did I enjoy sitting up the hill where you can enjoy the coolest views on the city, but also make sure to hang around Rose Corner Café to treat yourself with Cape Malay sweets which you can eat there right away, or you enjoy them under the inviting trees up hill. Maybe you are lucky and you catch a cool parade while you are there - Bo-Kaap is always surprising you with cool things!
Ahhh, I just love this colorful neighborhood!

Now - what are you waiting for? Ready to enjoy some serious recreation? I hope so!
Enjoy Cape Town and share some of your favorite spots if you have any!

Happy new week, y'all ~