Kapstadt, Südafrika

2:18 PM What a lovely day to celebrate Mother Earth today! I just got back from New York,  fighting with this horrible jetlag, but I don't want to miss one day of this awesome spring we are experiencing here in Germany! For Earth Day (which should be every day!) my sister and I decided to sweat a little bit surrounded by Mother Nature's features: waters, green, plenty of life!

I don't know if you have any plans for today, but I hope Earth Day is not passing you without any reaction of yours. It's actually even worse to be celebrating those kind of events to remember what matters or what issues we are facing! Still this day is here and yes there are so many people who don't know about our environmental issues...that's why this day is about education...and love, appreciation, happiness, passion, inspiration — you can decide what emotion this day causes you. Share if you like to!

If you are new to this, don't be scared to start caring about Mother Nature!

This does not mean you are a freak or weird person, no, you only care about living the best and healthiest lifestyle — for yourself, friends, family, and any living species. It's never too late to start caring — here are some ideas!

1. Ride your bike (more)
2. Start your own garden (balconies work, too!!)
3. Stop investing in single use items
4. Consider buying less or only the things you REALLY need
5. Start recycling!!
6. Move away from fast fashion!
7. Start a greener household
8. Too much free time? Organize clean-ups with your friends and family
9. Education! Watch and read about our environmental crisis...there are great docus to watch! Especially when it comes to our oceans...
10. Stop sucking! Say no to straws, plastic bags, and anything you might be tempted to grab on the run!

It can be so easy! There's no way you feel this is impossible to start or this "movement" is a waste of, no, no! With these simple ideas we are invited to win. Together we can change the world and especially empower others to build a great community!
Who's in?