7:24 PM During my research of plastic free supermarkets or alternative ideas for a healthier grocery trip, I found a lot of critic on food waste. Something which I noticed from myself as well...but I never really knew how to take care of that! 

I am happy to live in a country where it's normal to recycle our trash. We consume a lot, so we also throw away a lot... I thought by being a good tash dividing person, it will all work out, but still I catch myself throwing stuff away someone else could actually use. 

There's salad inside the fridge which can actually be eaten, but I throw it away, because I want spinach today and tomorrow I believe it will be bad, because it already looks weird. 
Some vegetable or fruits get peeled down to the bottom and we only eat a tiny bit of it - the rest (the actual good part) is landing inside the bin. 

Now my research for a waste-free or at least cleaner lifestyle tells me to maybe start a compost...hmm..okay. Well, I don't know if I'm ready for that yet. There must be something else...

I invested a lot of time to find great solutions and I am happy that there is actually so much we can do with our "trash". 
If you shop the next time, ask yourself which vegetables have more functions for you. For example can buy the "naked" ones, but you can also invest in the ones with the green part, because with the green part you can also create a delicious dinner! See what I'm saying? 

Check these ideas out: 

Take the peels, wash them and marinate them with oil and herbs. Bake them in the oven at 200°C for 8-10 minutes and you prepared a tasty snack! (If you are not sure with the vegetable's quality, make sure to buy organic veggies...). If this is too crazy for you, you can still start a little compost with leftovers or use them for making a delicious soup stock. 

The skin of the cucumber is perfect for any delicious drinks - the perfect refreshment. With the wet part of the skin, one can rub surfaces to avoid ants (good for the kitchen, for example). Also if you don't have any use right now, safe some cucumber skin in an ice cube tray together with some water and use it whenever you feel your eyes are super tired. 

Did you know that banana's skin can make your teeth whiter? It's also perfect for soothing bites from insects or using it as a fertilizer for your plants. 

Onion left-overs are always perfect for soups and stews! Onions have such a great taste - don't throw everything away! If one mixes the peel with some water, one can help the flowers recovering again and it's also good for human beings who suffer from muscle cramps. My favorite tip would be drying the peel and turning it to powder which one can include (1 teaspoon) in a bagel or bread dough!

Lemons smell like freshness....include all your lemon or citrus left-overs for your cleaning sprays! Mix it with vinegar and water and keep your house smelling clean and yummy! Also one can cut all the lemon with its skin into some water which refreshes and cleans the body beyond! But my favorite would be: put any piece of lemon into your dish washer and use it as a natural perfume! 

Just like the dear lemon, oranges are the best cleaning buddies! Room refresher, cleaning spray - oranges will give your cleaning session the perfect touch! If a mosquito bites again, make sure to rub it with some orange peel to sooth the pain and also keep other mosquitos away! Can you imagine that one actually is able to have a bubble gum experience with orange peel? If one wants to freshen up the breath after dinner, just chew on some orange peel! 

I remember from being a little kid, when we cut strawberries for a strawberry cake, we first cut off the heads with the green part on top - no one needs that. 
Wrong. Include these in your smoothie! If you don't want to eat them, because you are scared, one is also invited to drop the pieces in a bottle of water to give it an extra delicious flavor! For the creatives out there, one can also use them as a cheesy cake decoration or salad attraction! 

Mix coffee ground with some olive oil and use it as a natural peeling! Now that the gardening season starts again, make sure to put your coffee grounds into the soil, so your plants can grow beautifully. My favortie idea which I will definitely test is mixing 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds with a sexy marinade for my steak - bbq season is calling, too! 

I always wondered why people sell carrots with all the extra dirty greens. My cousin's girlfriend had the best idea actually: she prepared a noodle salad with carrot green pesto which was so delicious!! No one actually knew what it was and if you haven't tried them so far - they are so tasty! You can also add it to your soup instead of parsley, or your salad, or your smoothie! 

For removing grid on pans and saucepans, the skin of the potato is a real magician! Also there's this great idea of using the potato skin to make soups creamier - what a nice tip!

The apple skin can be cooked with some water which helps cleaning aluminium surfaces. Also one shouldn't throw away all the vitamins - make sure to keep them and mix them into your smoothie! Create a special oatmeal and top it with some apple skin - super delicious!

Now after writing down all these info, I felt so bad to know that I never cared about all of this. How come we throw away everything without thinking if one can use it further or not?

There's so much more we can learn about food and I guess if we treat our food right, we can definitely reduce our food waste! 

What do you think?