11:58 AM It feels good to close chapters, even though it's hard sometimes. I wanted to talk about Cape Town forever, you might have noticed it... Fact is this place is really beautiful and still super exotic to me, so I wanted to share the tiniest things I experienced.

I prepared myself well for this vacation, but it took me so long to find the cool places and no blog really helped me! Most of the bloggers share their favorite beaches and the obligatory Table Mountain shots — that's not enough for me.
I hope with my super intense impressions, favorite places, and especially dream food I can help you having the time of your life if you happen to visit Cape Town, too!

To finish this in my usual manner, I'd like to show you some vivid impressions via my Africa video. When I cut it, I realized how many things I didn't film...I think the first two days I wasn't using my camera at all, because some impressions were too crazy, others were so rad, I wanted to enjoy this with my eyes only and no technical support. Nevertheless...this is my good-bye to Cape Town and many NYC stories will follow up soon...

The usual ~