Kapstadt, Südafrika

12:43 PM I am so happy to be finally sharing this post with you! It's nothing special actually...maybe another fresh image of me...not hiding or such...just enjoying life in Africa. Hi again!
Meet my favorite corner of Cape Town - Bo-Kaap.
I fell in love with this neighborhood! Up the hills, higher and higher, you will find a village-like vibe with the most colorful houses you have ever seen! This is how Cuba must feel like...

Checking Bo-Kaap online was already a pleasure to my eyes, but being there for really real just changed everything!

The people I met there, the warmth, the food I tried for the first time... Bo-Kaap is my kind of Cape Town.

First it was a single point on my to-do list and then it turned to my calm down spot. When I was sick of the city life and loud streets, I went up the hills, got myself a samosa or koeksister at the Rose Corner Café, and sat outside to enjoy the colors and vibes.
I sat there and enjoyed the view or I just walked around. Looking at all the different shades and bright colors inspired me intensely. Even though many tourists where around, I loved how quiet Bo-Kaap was. So many great people and I wish I could have talked to all of them!

I'm from a city where many muslims live and that's why I really enjoyed Bo-Kaap. Muslims seem to like me and they are really charming with me...I always enjoy that. Great conversations, laughter, and just good vibes. I talked to the owner of Rose Corner Café and we had the most intriguing food conversation ever!

Experiencing my first samosa and koeksister was something I won't ever forget. I wish one day I will cook like this as well! Bo-Kaap stole my heart and I miss being there almost every day.

*Tourist tip: if you happen to go to Bo-Kaap, a must visit is Rose Corner Café and  Atlas Spice to the people at Atlas!! They know everything about cooking and spices! Not only can you get super cheap spices and rubs, but also a free booklet of African recipes! The staff is so friendly and they explain the whole African kitchen to you if you wish so! A foody paradise!!

Don't these colors just scream summer?