9:57 AM Let's continue with some Africa stories...also I want to emphasize on something special today, my favorite topic: plastic! It's Tuesday - I chose the perfect day to discuss a little more serious thing today...
You might know about my dear passion #fortheoceans - I also started a fundraise which you can see and visit at the bottom of the site (please support me + the oceans). 
Living with less or no plastic at all is a great goal we should all include into our daily lives. We are a bit late with #realizingthings, but with the right approach and actual acting, we can really change the world now (and especially save it). 

I deeply care about mi oceans and our plastic issue, because without the oceans, there's no life - no us, no marine life, no air, no nothing. I want a bright future for me, my kids, and grandkids - you should feel the same way. 

On the blog, I often try to show you how to say easily bye-bye to plastic and what other cool alternatives exist on this awesome planet. One thing which is the hardest for me is travelling. 

During my trips to Paris and NYC, I already showed you some tricks which I do to avoid plastic - I guess it's pretty simple to adjust to the basics: say no to plastic bags and take your own tote with you, say no to plastic bottles and take a glass bottle with you which you can refill everywhere. Say no to straws and plastic cuttlery, bring your own cups, so you don't have to use Starbuck's or other coffee houses' paper cups. 

Well, while reading this, you might think that it's crazy to do some of the things above when you go on vacation, because there are a few things which can give you a hard time. Let me tell you...it's the easiest to say no to the plastic bags plus it's not even hard to pack an extra tote bag in your suitcase.

But for Africa, I realized it again...packing all the extra stuff, just to save my oceans is pretty tough. 

What do I need? Well, since I was travelling to a warmer place, I needed more than one bottle which I can fill with water or iced tea...so yeah, glass bottles, maybe a tumbler for my coffee or tea, cuttlery, bags, my steel cup for my hotel room?!, a lunchbox where I can put all my stuff in when I'm hiking, etc.
Am I crazy?
No, I try to be sustainable. 

Man, at home, this is so easy.
All of the above can be done in the most easiest and sufficient way. Simply sexy. 
But for Africa, I was going nuts. 
I had a shopping list: sculptures, many souvenirs; ohhh, I had my running stuff inside my suitcase as well...I decided to travel with one suitcase only, but I don't want to go crazy when it comes to my packing things. 

So what do I pack? What do I really need? Can I buy something in Africa maybe? 
I decided to take my totes with me...I packed and prepared my own tea bags, took cuttlery with me, but went against all the bottles, tumblers, and cups. It's just too heavy and it takes way too much space! Don't forget...I am a photographer, I got at least two cameras plus supply with me. I need to stop...I have to accept the situation now...no bottles, no coffee supply. (Actually I took my silicone coffee straw with me). 

During my flight and airport stop-overs, I was mad at myself to not have my bottles with me. I wanted to run to the bathroom to get some water, since we all know how expensive the airports are. Well, well...live and learn. 

In Africa, when I finally made it to my hotel, I jumped out again and immediately looked for a bodega or place where I can get drinks. The first thing I spent money on was a mango fanta and sprite - both filled in a glass bottle. Here we go. 

I took my sprite bottle and recycled it the whole trip as my go-to bottle. My sorrows and nervousness was leaving pretty fast...I found something sustainable which makes me feel good again. (For now...)
Luckily, my hotel offered enough cups and plates and this helped me also to continue enjoying my coffee and tea - at least in the morning when I eat my breakfast. 

When I was thirsty for some fresh agua, there was no way of enjoying their table water, so we needed to buy water out of plastic bottles at the supermarket. (don't forget: save the water in Cape Town!!!!) IT KILLED ME. 
The water was delicious, but those freaking bottles annoyed the shit out of me. Well...yeah, sometimes you have to adjust...but I made the best out of it and reused the plastic bottles. (Note: this didn't happen every day!)
In the evening, I cooked mint tea, prepared 2-3 bottles, and cooled them, so the next day I would already have fresh drinks, ready to be enjoyed and I don't need to spend more cash on drinks + plastic bottles. Yes, yes, yes. 

At the end of my trip, I felt fancy. I was craving some things which make my soul feel good. I was super curious to try their Dunkin' Donuts, since I wanted to see if they are as bad as in Germany, haha. (Dunkin' Donuts is the best in the US!!!)
I went inside and treated myself with an iced latte - in a plastic cup...with a plastic straw. 
Holy shit. 
I looked at my iced coffee and my face must have been disgusted...I realized I looked weird at it, but I saw the reaction of the dude who made my coffee....he didn't understand my weird faces, haha, sorry. I had the battle of my life. 

I walked to Bo-Kaap with my iced coffee and my gift of free munchkins ~ Holding this plastic cup was a stupid feeling. My whole being was acting weird all of a sudden. 
The devil on my shoulder told me to enjoy this...you are on vacation!!! Enjoy it and treat yourself....it's just one cup. 
The angel told me drink it now...it happened. But I should be wiser in my future actions...sinning can happen, yo!
I was torn. 

Yes, I was on vacation and I actually don't want to worry about my plastic consume 24/7.

I try to be as sustainable as I can, but sometimes I can't. I want to, but I can't. 

Yeah, I could have bring my tumbler, but hey...my tumbler is a heavy steel tumbler...I already got enough luggage. Sorry.

At the end of our trip, when we had too much food leftovers, my sister and I decided to buy lunchboxes at Woolworth to pack lunches for our flights and also for some souvenirs for back home. I brought my malva pudding with me and showed it to everyone at home - all in a healthy, green way! 

I took the picture above. My way of travelling. Real, sustainable in some ways? Trying to make the best when you don't have many alternatives! 
I don't want to lie here and tell you that I am 100% without plastic. It's not true...I still struggle. 
At the supermarket, I bought mango, watermelon, and other things in stupid plastic wrapping or boxes...there was not other way. 

I am not finding excuses...I am just demonstrating you that even though we are one world...one planet, there is still so much going on in its own ways. 

European standards are no African standards, and no American, or Asian standards. The governments got their own rules and we find a niche or our own way to live the best life out of the set rules. 
Some nations are the perfect leader of having a more sustainable future, while others are way behind. 

Can I blame them?
I don't know.
Is there missing education? Or just a simple ignorance? 
I don't know either.

I don't know shit. 
Even in NYC I get upset, sad, and confused when I see that a fancy city with the most modern progress is super behind when it comes to living more sustainable and green. 

I didn't expect Africa to be like my country - a perfect leading example (Germany, wooho, thank you), I mean...yeah no one is perfect...BUT I expect for ANY country to start rethinking. 

Give US options. Make US decide. NOT YOU. 

So what's the plan now? I am definitely not choosing my travel destinations in favor of my plastic fights or preferences. I have to find a way to be cool with my way of living. 
If I happen to choose plastic in a foreign country, then my heart will definitely hurt, but I'll do it for a reason and not for laziness or other stupid reasons. 
If there's a way for me to be on travels and say no to plastic NO MATTER WHERE I HAPPEN TO BE, wow, success, then I will be the happiest girl out there!

I am on my way. 
I will always have my struggles and obstacles, but I go there step by step. 
Will you join me?