8:16 PM Sorry for this little Cape Town interruption here, but today I had to think about something which I experienced in the Big Apple, back in October. I don't want to use my platform here to only show you my big love, NYC, and my awesome travel trips — I am here to spread the best vibes when it comes to living a positive and healthy lifestyle.
This does not only mean doing great workouts, but also treating the body and mind — wellness, well-being.

Every time I am back home, I automatically get super hyped when I take a look around — the hustle in NYC is real. I quit sleeping, walk and run through the whole city, do as many activities as I can, and behave like a NYCer, kinda. Deep down inside I guess if I chill too much (even if it's a vacation) I think I will miss out...I will be mad at myself for not doing more of this and that!
So last time, I found myself back in this spinning wheel, do more, see more, move more. I was in Paris right before, racing, my body actually felt beyond tired. But I'm in NYC...no excuses.

Well, I made a deal with my body — it wasn't planned, it just happened: I created a siesta every day, my New Yorkan siesta! The day when this little thing happened, I was really exhausted....I got myself a little snack and decided to go back to the hotel to eat it there and get more films for my camera. It was 2pm — way too early to quit and wait until the next day.

Time is money, but time is also supposed to treat us healthy. Don't let anything stress you. Go with the flow and if you feel in a weird condition, make sure to breathe!

When your body tells you that you are tired, believe it and take your body serious! I sat on my bed, drank some water, and put my headphones on. I listened to my turquoise mix which should help me calm down and relax a bit to the background of busy New York and its honking cabs. I ate my blueberry donut, laid myself on my back and put my feet up against the wall. I stayed like this for 20 minutes, recharged and felt awesome! This was just like a little meditation session, just beyond. My body relaxed, I ate myself happy, and I appreciated the moment with some right breathing!

I took my shoes on again and continued conquering the world. Damn, that was it. THAT was it.
A break, a little siesta to get myself together. That's all we need sometimes ~
If you have a hard week ahead, a tough day — whatever it is, take a little siesta! Don't let negative vibes or stress kill your energy. We don't have time for that bs! Take a break, a real break — no Instagram or stuff that doesn't let your heart calm down!

Eat, drink, breathe, nap — calm down. Be in the moment. Promise me to treat your body and be nice to it!

Happy Tuesday!