8:53 PM Currently, I really like to sit down and discuss — especially on mi tuesdays. I don't know if these subjects matter to you, but in my world, this is what's keeping my head busy for a while! Especially after Africa, there's so much I am thinking about. Overthinking, rethinking, Recreating usual patterns...Making a better usage of silly habits...
The last months, I started to develop a little boredom when it comes to fashion, labels, and the way we present them. Hey, I love fashion, but I have never been a fan of wearing the biggest logos on my chest or anywhere people can see it from far. I don't want to look expensive and show the people (whom I don't care about) how cool I am, how much money I got, and that I actually look like a lost soul from Instagram. Copycats. Everyone is wearing the same stuff...dear individuality.

This doesn't mean that I only wear cheap stuff...I got plenty of expensive things. God, my running wardrobe was expensive. I own too much Nike and adidas. My sport jerseys are hella expensive. My sneakers — you know how much the newest releases cost! I already told you about my latest running pair addition and how much I was fighting with myselt getting these. You might ask yourself this question too: do I really need this? 

If we were honest to ourselves, we would know that we don't have to spend all our cash for the latest things which some random people call trendy. In the times of social media, people are so needy to show off. 

Copped a Yeezy – take a picture. Copped a CK bra – got to lay in my bed to post a #inmycalvins. Try to shoot it from 25 angles so you can post it almost every day...The list goes on. People go shopping with the one and only thought on their mind! It has to be working #forthegram... Don't get me wrong. I'm happy for everyone who's able to shop their favorite pieces, but enough is enough. Don't share all your stuff on IG. Don't spend so much time finding the right light for your purchases...flat-laying everything...and don't forget to invest in a fancy and colorful bouquet of flowers! Just because.  
I am so tired of seeing the same stuff. I am getting so tired of fashion that I refuse wearing my favorite Supreme shirts, or my first Bathing Ape Shirt. I don't want people to put me into certain categories... My way of rebellion started with designing my own shirts. I mostly wear my own shirts with messages which deal with important issues and no non-sense blah. I also started to shop more vintage things — yey to sustainability and also as a graphic person, I really enjoy the old graphics. (I'm not talking about old hip hop shirts which everyone is wearing right now, even if they don't listen to the music).
I feel a bit more confident when I mix my pieces which really no one owns with my usual wardrobe. At least a tiny step to feel good about fashion...

After Africa, I felt like a jerk. My sister and I went to a beach in Cape Town, not really thinking about what to expect or whom we would meet... fact is, we went to a beach where not many white people spent their afternoon... The day we chose to go, we met a woman who told us to watch out, because poor kids are around and they might steel some things. The woman herself was at the beach with a group of orphans. I enjoyed watching them play in the sand, chasing each other, and not being a victim of any technology. They were playing with plastic bottles, filling them up with sand, and throwing them at each other. Two kids sat down very close to us. We were the exotic weirdos at the beach... I was dressed pretty simple: a yellow dress, sunglasses, my hair in a bun, my Nike Zoom Fly, and two cameras (analog + digital). In my little Glossier poutch I carried my moisturizer, magnesium, and my cellphone. I sat on my towel. Taking off my Nike's, putting them next to my two cameras. The kids were intrigued. I felt like the biggest asshole on this planet. I already cut my fancy outfits down. I don't want to look like a rich white dumb ass who's showing off, but I also wanted to enjoy my vacation and just be — not thinking if my Nike swoosh might be offending or if my two cameras are just too much. Hey...I'm a photographer....
Yeah, in Africa it might be too much...
I don't know. I looked around and I just wanted to scream out loud and throw all my ownings into the ocean. I don't need all of this. Do I? The kids looked at my shoes. This is not your regular Nike shoe...at home I wouldn't care if this shoe costs 100€ or 20€, but in Africa, I felt like an idiot.

One girl in Bo-Kaap was in love with my 1.50€ Primark glasses. She thought it looked super classy. My head was confused. Damn girl, if you only knew that this is trash what I'm wearing...matter of fact, she was beyond in love with it! In her world this was something only rich people own...

I repacked my bag so we could move on…all my stuff was spread on the towel and I could see the kids looking at it with the biggest eyes. I looked back to them – I knew they wouldn’t steal my stuff since they didn’t even know what I had with me. I saw their plastic bottle…their toy – and fact is that they had the time of their life with this! Again, fuck it…I want to throw my stuff away… I feel guilty. Spending all my money for so much stuff that I actually don’t need!

The other day, at home, in Germany, I continued tracking my running results, and before I headed to another fresh running routine, I also studied what my running friends did. Lovebirds, don’t hate me for this…I was more than bored, annoyed, and whatever feeling you want to call this! Every dear runner is wearing the same stuff. I am tired seeing Gyakusou everywhere (I own it, too)…Nike’s Zoom Fly or their latest running genius the Nike React (Jesus…I know they are awesome, but there’s so much more to choose from!) Socks, hats, backbacks, shirts, tights, everything – everyone looks like everyone else.
I put my phone aside and went to my sports section. Gyakusou, Stella McCartney, adidas, Nike, special collaborations, I got it all. Nah, I’m not feeling it today. I don’t want to look like you and you and you today. Ughh….

I never realized how much I am attracted to labels. I never did. 

I mean I support our big labels because their stuff is beyond fashion…there’s real technology behind. I can’t run in H&M tights (sorry…) – my best tights are the ones from adidas and my Gyakusou's. Look at adidas, creating sportswear made out of recycled plastic…I love supporting that. 

I think you, too, right? Or let me ask you a direct question: why are you buying all of that? The stuff with the biggest swoosh, the biggest label name or the most popular model from Instagram? Because the people like it? Because you believe in the product? Do you feel more confident when you wear all the different brands on your body and the people see it?

I chose my typical running outfit. My green adidas tights, my black Nike running jacket, a usual running shirt, my Nike Zoom Fly… don’t forget my Gyakusou headband.
I looked in the mirror and laughed. I saw brands everywhere. I was not in the mood to change clothes again, but I felt weird in my clothes.
I finished my run and afterwards I decided to donate some things I really don’t need to charity.

In the future I try to invest in things which don't scream for the company’s name….I still want to support them, but not in your face like. Sorry, I think I grew out of that age. This is a good wake-up call for everyone out there. A wake-up call to act more cautious. Acting sustainable and being a good example for our kids and friends. Not everyone is able to buy all this crazy stuff…don’t make them be an outsider, just because their sneaker is a retro sneaker or older model which no one knows.

Stop making fashion so complicated. 

Find an easy approach again and try to be more individual!