8:52 PM I don't know what it is but anything Jewish is somehow intriguing to me. I remember my first time in New York seeing Jewish people walking around with their sidelocks and big hats - in Germany I have never seen this before. I am honest, I admit people who wear their belief and religion with so much pride so that everyone can see it. 

Now everytime I come back home to New York, I get excited seeing Jewish people and their super cool looks. But not only Jews intrigue me, it's their culture...being German, we almost share the same food so whatever they offer in New York, I know it'll be good, because we share the same roots! 

While I explored the East Village a bit better during my last stay, I also took the chance to find out more about Jewish food places. Somehow, I feel like I can learn more about other cultures via food - it's the easiest and tastiest way, haha. 

When I hopped into a bodega on 2nd Ave, I passed Moishe's Bake Shop. I wasn't sure, but I felt like I knew this place. I read about it...

Back at my hotel I did my research. I knew it...I read about it. 
I checked their offer and what customers had to say and since I needed bagels for my breakfast, I decided to go there the next day. 

Dude, I never had kosher food, but I was so excited when I grabbed my stuff and walked along 2nd Ave. What will I get? How will this experience be? 

I entered the place and it was crowded. 
Well, I thought bakeries like this would be less crowded, but okay. I had enough time then to study their products. I guess I was in heaven: danish, babka, cookies, bagels, hamantaschen, rugelach, strudel, challah - I hope I didn't forget anything important here. 

I looked around and smiled. I love all the fancy places in New York, Paris, Cape Town, wherever I have been...but hey, Moishe's bakery is all I dreamed of. The bake shop is super old...feels like a place from the 70s or 80s - the vibes are beyond awesome! As soon as you enter the shop, you only got eyes for all the delicious treats. I was so overwhelmed I didn't know what to get....

When it was my turn, I told the dude next to me to go first...my heart was still beating fast and my eyes were admiring the huge chocolate babka right in front of me. 
All of a sudden I see a Jewish guy carrying a fresh tray of danish into the shop. He actually looked like Moishe himself....I saw pictures of him and people said that Moishe is a Jewish legend and such a good baker. 

The moment I saw him and realized it was really him, I felt like a fangirl. I didn't know much about the products, kosher sweets, or Moishe himself, but I was never happier. There was Moishe himself...walking along with the biggest smile. He said something to us, but I couldn't listen...I was dreaming! 
My head told me to get that stuff that he just brought in. 

It was my turn. 
I get a danish and a cinnamon raisin bagel. I can't handle more right now...

I went outside and rushed back to my hotel to enjoy this heavenly sin. The bagel was fluffy and a dream...but the danish was beyond. I don't even have words for it. 
I thought about Moishe standing in his kitchen and baking these...I could really taste the love and with each bite I remembered this man's inspiring being! 

What I loved even more was the fact that this sweet breakfast was beyond cheap! 
I really like bakeries which sell good stuff for an even better price! I forgot that I was eating kosher and I didn't really notice any difference....good for me! 

I swallowed down the last bite of my danish (which was an apple danish) and took out my notebook to write this beautiful moment down. 
Moishe hypnotized me. Maybe it was Moishe himself, maybe it was his pastry. Fact is I know why I love Jewish stuff so much...

I will forever be Moishe's biggest fan and visit his bake shop! Thank you, dear New York. 

Moishe's Bake Shop, 115 2nd Avenue, New York, $