7:40 AM Hands down, this is my very very favorite place in Cape Town! Not only was this spot also a jump away from our hotel - it was also the best shop ever with the yummiest smoothie combinations. 
Cape Town is quiet healthy. The supermarkets have a real healthy look and it's also super affordable to live healthy in down there...
After cinnamon rolls, pizza slices, and burgers (we were testing the South African McDonald's...), it was time to treat our bodies with the perfect smoothie. All in all, I actually ate super healthy and I thought a smoothie would be an option as soon as I'm home again...but I read so much about this place that I wanted to see and test it myself. 

Oh, this place, Orchard Juice & Health Bar, screams for Instagram. A cute and tiny inviting bar that offers smoothies and healthy snacks (bowls, avocado toasts, wraps, salads). As soon as one enters, one sees health and green vibes - I loved that! There are little baskets filled with fresh fruits and anywhere you look at, you feel already charged and filled up...this place is a true food spa. In addition to that, you can see inspiration at the walls while waiting for your smoothie. 

We decided to go with a simple smoothie and lucky as I was, I chose the best I could ever choose! If you ever get the chance to visit Orchard, take the cafe soleil smoothie - they call it their "healthy iced coffee smoothie". It might not sound interesting, but the flavor was the bomb!! I love coffee and if there's one thing I love during summer then it's an iced coffee! 

Even better is the fact that all the smoothies with its fancy ingredients don't cost more than 5€(smoothies usually run between 3,40€ - 4,90€)! For your cash you'll get anything from fresh fruits - acai and anything tropical if you wish, veggies - you know the green stuff, protein powders, nuts, raw cacao, organic peanut butter, all dem superfoods, African things, dairy free, and so much more. I think I never saw such a great and intriguing selection before. 

The guys at Orchard blend everything freshly right in front of you and the best thing is that you can decide what kind of straw you want to take with you when you check out - paper, plastic, or bamboo. Thank you, dear Africa, for being so kind to our oceans ~ 

Man, Orchard really was a highlight! 
In the next couple of weeks, I will surely report more from my coffee smoothie, since I want to recreate the recipe for the warmer days ~ 
Who's ready? 

Happy weekend! 

Orchard Juice & Health Bar, 211 Long Street, Cape Town, $