9:26 PM You don't know how excited I am to finally start sharing my #CapeTownFeels with y'all. I love my dear NYC and I hope I can make you love it as much as I do with my posts, but sometimes I also need to explore other beautiful cities as well!
After 4 years of straight travelling back and forth from Germany to New York, it was time to explore Cape Town.

My sister convinced me joining her to escape from winter and all the bitter souls – sounded pretty intriguing to me, I was in.
I have so many great stories and complex experiences to share — some overwhelmed me like crazy...

Cape Town is on my mind every day and I hope I can hopefully come back really soon to see and understand further. I know it will be hard for me finding the perfect words to describe and share all my experiences, but I will find a way...bare with me if I'm getting too emotional, haha.
A good beginning, to start very smoothly, would be a sexy food talk, I guess. I know Cape Town's nature is crazy, but...you will also have the best food of your life!!! Be prepared!!

Before I travelled to Cape Town I basically prepared a lot of food spots: where to go, what to eat, any food trends, or typical South African food! Uh yeah, I was ready.
When my sister was back from her safari, we decided to look for a cool spot to have breakfast. I was prepared...I read about a cool bakery which is called Jason Bakery. People praised their pastry and coffee selection — sounds good, sounds good. Let's go. We had to laugh, because Jason Bakery was actually around the corner and we never saw it, haha. 

So one day, we headed there early - we were starving and unpatient to wait for their daily specials which are served after 930, we knew they will serve us anything great also before 930 in the morning. We entered and somehow we were a bit disappointed - the interior is not quiet inviting and also it does not really look like a bakery or café, more like a bar. I was confused. 
The staff was greating us and helped us out with the most popular choices - then we checked the menu together. Man, their menu is intense! A lot of stuff to get: pastry, sanwhiches, toasts, pancakes, eggs, salads, you name it. I knew their pastry from Instagram, so I definitely wanted to order one or two pastry pieces. 
We decided pretty fast what to get, so we ordered and took a seat outside - it was sunny already, so we wanted to start our day with some morning sunrays. 

Our choice was pretty basic at the end, but I was so happy to have ordered this: a hot chocolate and two croissants, one savory with bacon and the other one a pain au chocolat. I wasn't sure if the bacon croissant was good that's why I ordered the pain au chocolat as well...chocolate is never wrong to have. 
While I was happy with my hot chocolate and its mini marshmellows, my sister went with her first tumeric latte - a trend which I ignored as long as I could - there's too much of that in NYC and the big cities. 

It's great to have a spot even in Africa where you can feel like in a big American city. Jason has anything you are dreaming of and to be honest...the prices will make you even happier. 

For my three things I paid in total 91ZAR which is 7,65$  - and btw, the croissants are huuuuge, a hand is tiny in comparisson...) 

We were super happy with our breakfast! Our sweet waiter helped us so much with our food and drink choices and he put us in such a good mood with his smile and positive attitude! 
We enjoyed the view down the street and watched the kids going to school in all different colored uniforms. 

When our croissants came to the table, it smelled like fresh butter and fluffyness - I swear...it was beyond. 
My hot chocolate was good - nothing special, but the bacon croissant was heaven!! The croissant pastry was already winning, but together with the bacon, there was a huge party in my mouth! 
When I started eating my pain au chocolate, I was already about to explode, but I still finished it. It wasn't better than my bacon croissant, because the chocolate was too heavy, but I was really really impressed how intense the flavors were. 

You really get something good here for your money! 

When we were done, we took a look around the bakery and checked out the other pastries in the window! Definitely worth for another trip soon! 
I needed to take some pictures of course to share this with you!
Even though the bakery makes a weird impression in the beginning, their quality and selection of food and drinks is beyond! 
Where can you eat fancy and pay nothing for it? Such a good Cape Town experience!! 

Jason Bakery, 185 Bree St, Cape Town, $-$$