8:54 PM Let's continue with my popluar and heavily discussed topic: routine - creating habits.

Already on my way to Cape Town, I got to know two pure African souls, one of them tried to teach me Afrikaans, the other one shared her love for running with me. I think we entertained the whole plane, since everyone else was asleep. Having the opportunity of talking to a native Cape Town girl, I asked her for all the good spots — and the most important question: where do I find all the supermarkets?

During my research I only found little chains or bodegas next to my hotel, but I wondered if they got something like a Target or Whole Foods around. Wherever I'm a tourist (also at home in NY), I am more than excited to explore all the cool supermarkets! I could spend hours there ~
The girl told me about the same places I already put on my to-shop list, but I still wasn't satisfied.
I die for breakfasts. I love mornings and putting a sexy early dinner together. I told her that I am actually never really prepared food wise, I love surprises! But since Im not sure about the selection at Cape Town's food suppliers, I decided to take my oatmeal with me. She started laughing. "We do have oatmeal here, too."

I know, I know...but I just love being prepared. I hate running through a foreign city and not finding the stuff I need to keep my routines up, you know what I mean? I basically did the same thing in Paris. I brought my tea with me, energy bars, and a strong breakfast for my run — I saved a lot of money! When I don't find my usual food go-tos in a new city, then I might become a really lazy bug. This means I find the next Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts and eat stuff which I will regret later on! It was definitely not killing me to take a package of oatmeal with me! In addition to that, to spice up my early mornings, I also took some Quaker instant oats with me! To be honest, I stole them from my dad because he looooves them! Quaker is not really famous in Germany — we got our own kind of oatmeal or porridge, but my dad only eats the flavored instant pockets from Quaker. I once brought him the Pumpkin Spice oatmeal from the states which he unfortunately didn't like ("too much Christmas flavor") - "better for me," I thought!

I took two packages with me, directly into my backpack, in case I want to eat it on the plane. You never know about airplane food... I didn't eat it in the air, but I celebrated it even harder when I bought my first bottle of milk at the bodega. I was perfectly prepared now to enjoy all my oats and I couldn't wait to experience my first breakfast! I have to admit, the first days I ate my plain oats — I was so hyped about my milk that I grabbed my big batch of oats and thought it might be easier to finish this first (it was heavier than my tiny Quaker buddies). Later, when I found the most perfect supermarket with all the sexy fruits, I decided to put the boring oats away. Time for some Quakers! I ate the Pumpkin Spice version first, mixed with the freshest mango I ever had! Woooow!

First of all, can we just appreciate this cool and handy packaging? You can take this anywhere with you and you don't even notice! Then, the amount...one bag has just the perfect size! Don't go too wild in the morning, portion control etc. - 43g is enough to start the day! Last but not least the experience - flavor, consistency, and happy vibes! I love routine and I love eating my oatmeal each morning — this is a highlight though! Super soft and rich flavored. Yes dad, it tastes like Christmas, but I love it!

I totally understand why my dad is celebrating those so much! I'm a fan now too and I can't wait to get more of their different flavors and spices! I take all the cinnamon, please!
If you are lazy in the morning, on the run, travelling or doing whatever, Quaker is really a delicious lifesaver! Mix it with fresh fruits or nuts — you will be in heaven! You are welcome!

Where are the oatmeal experts?
What's your favorite?

Is it really possible to be so crazy in love with oatmeal? This is sick - but I love it! 

If you are not in team oatmeal...think about, come to our side! You won't regret it!
Happy weekend!