7:57 PM During Christmas time, I wanted to treat myself with a fresh pair of running kicks. It’s not that I already got a good selection, but with so many cool models out there, I wanted to treat my feet with current technology and successful foot supporters. I have had super smooth runs with my Pegasus, also Flyknit Pegasus, and I still want to test adidas’ ultra boosts (they have been on my list forever) – there’s too much selection out there, but I really don’t want to confuse my feet. I mean is it possible to have a great run with every shoe out there?

I don’t think so! There are plenty of shoes out there which are hyped so bad, but they don’t make it on my list, because they are super uncomfortable. For a longer time I watched Nike’s Zoom Fly. Eliud Kipchoge made the shoe famous with his try on breaking the 2h mark during a marathon. He didn’t succeed yet, but the shoe earned enough spotlight with his tries. The running scene didn’t sleep and everywhere on Instagram you could follow every runner with diverse editions of the shoe training for their marathon and conquering their personal best times. Who doesn’t want to train in a shoe which is developed by a top athlete? You put this shoe on and you feel like a Kenyan runner – good for every runner’s confidence.

I still wasn’t ready to buy it. Again, I felt like I’m good with my Pegasus. After I got my Flyknit Pegasus (which are definitely more soft and flexible like my other pair), I felt like my feet have to get used to them a looong time. I also experienced my shin splits with these, so that was a reason for me to actually stop testing different models – I didn’t want to injure myself all the time. When I recovered, I finally developed a healthy and loving relationship with my Pegasus Flynknit, so I started to keep my eyes open for cool new releases which I could try in the future.

In December, I invested in my Nike Zoom Fly – I took South Africa as the best excuse to treat myself with an expensive pair of running shoes. I really didn’t need them, but I saw how many people cheered and celebrated their improved workouts. The shoe usually cost around 150€ - I got mine for 86€ with a lot of luck and tricks, haha, I told myself now or never.
When I got them, I was surprised how light they were…you can’t really feel them. There’s not a lot of material usage – super comfortable for your run. I touched them and became friends with them step by step… I was really intrigued with the sole. I wanted to get a pair of running shoes next which helps me having solid walks with strong cushioning. When I slipped in for the first time, I was shocked how good they felt and I also fell a bit to the front. It’s unusual in the beginning, but you have to imagine that the shoe wants you to run right away. As soon as you stand, the shoe balances your toes a bit to the front which gives you the perfect impulse for your run.

While studying how to run better and faster, I learned that leaning forward makes you a faster runner – so this shoe was actually naturally the best helper to keep myself moving fast forward. This unusual feeling went away really fast. I wore the shoe for travelling 15h to Africa and I had not one second of complaint, toe pain, or fatigue. When I wore it for my first run, I can't really tell you what I felt, because the heat in Africa was a bigger problem for me! So let me tell you about my first experience back in Germany.

Back home,I actually tried to recall my 1st time in Cape Town — blank. No words. How can I forget? Man, I remembered the heat, my heavy breathing, my messy thoughts, but not one second of the feeling of my feet. I laced on the shoes. Cloud vibes again! Even though I feel like I'm sinking into a marshmallow, I still feel supported very well when it comes to my heels. I was looking forward to pretend this being my first time again. I pressed play, Kid Cudi's "By Design" played, and I ran.
Each run is actually the same. I always have to find my groove, the rhythm, and after k 2-3, I can say that my brain is successfully off and my heartbeats don't kill me. With my flying ninjas, I ran from the first second on as if I already ran 2-3k. I was in my groove. My feet felt as if they didn't touch the ground at all. I felt easy breezy and my body was happily vibing, too. I already admired how sweet it is to have a helping impulse which pushes you forward just like that. The shoe puts one step in front of the other without much help from me, myself, and I — I love that!

Much better is the fact that after my run, my knees, my legs, and my feet felt the usual! I wasn't sore or had any aches. So far the Zoom Fly is a great support and a greater addition to my running sneaker selection! I was not able to see yet if my running times got better and I improved in my fastness. It definitely makes fun running the first ks with these ninjas, so I will see in a couple of weeks/ months if they are really worth the hype.
(Jaja, they are worth the hype...I admit it)

*How's your experience with these (in case you got them)
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