9:17 PM One thing I really cherish and take good care of is sharing my favorite things with you or at least pieces which I believe are worth the money! Sometimes, in different situations, I wish there was more info about certain products, more experience sharing instead of demonstrating the products with the best filters on Instagram — look, I got them...that's it. I am more about the bla bla behind it - some might hate it, but others appreciate it, haha.

As a runner, especially in the beginning, it was difficult for me to chose the right equipment and uniforms for my runnings. I was new...I saw the same things everywhere — hyped to the max or just pretty useful? I don't know. I had a certain budget and I didn't want to go crazy! I invested in one fresh pair of Nike compression socks in addition to the ones I already owned. Often, I was too lazy to dress up so fancy. Taking my running socks on felt like a 20 minute fight. Such a waste of energy, so I went with usual socks (in the summer time I even did the barefoot thing...just to feel it better and have fresh air around my skin!).

Then one day, after all my weird injuries I told myself that cushioning is one of the most important things and I don't want to let any injury happen like this again — I want to be fully prepared! I remembered a friend once gave me a pair of Stance socks, the weirdest color combination: black, pink, gold... They reminded me a bit of skiing socks, so I wore them a couple of times during my winter runs - a huge success. Since the colors never really matched my outfits, I put the socks in the deepest corner of my closet, haha.

Last year, I realized that I really need new socks and in the past I read a lot about Stance's active or running socks. For Africa, I took the excuse and said to myself that I need the socks not only for running, but also hiking! Around Christmas time, I was the luckiest, because our sock dealer sold the socks with 50% off, so I needed to go crazy! I invested in a couple of socks and got beyond excited wearing and testing them.

I already put my first pair on for my super long flight, because it's always too cold in the air! This was such a comfy feeling...and no cold feet, yes, yes, yes.
Even though it was summer in Africa, I loved wearing my socks so much! For all the long walks through the city, my hikes, my runnings, I only wanted to feel my Stance fellows! I love how flexible and diverse these are!
Their technology is simple: just run and they'll take care of the rest... The design is actually on point: reactive fibers take care of your well-being and regulate the temperature while your workout! Anatomical, seamless, breathable mesh, integrated support — how does that sound to you?

Stance makes a sport routine so perfect and I am more than happy to have invested in my current selection! I feel supported, strong, and free! It takes 1 minute to put them on and I can tell you that they are made for any season!

These are socks which go beyond the athletic lifestyle — get to know them! A runner should really include them in their closets!

Which running socks would you recommend??