2:57 PM I was fantasizing about it already yesterday, when I wrote the post about one of my dear running essentials!
An activity I was never the biggest fan of (especially as a kid!)...
Hiking is abstract.
In my world.

As a kid, I hated those silly weekend trips to the mountains with all the family. Silly conversations, sillier walking around — it felt like the slowest death! The only thing I remembered positively about our hiking trips, was our cake break... my mom always brought the most buttery and softest coffeecake you can imagine. My highlight!

When I got older and more like a real adult (having stressful schedules, a lot of responsibility, etc.), I was seeking for something that connects me more with nature and myself. I joined my sister hiking!

Compared to running, when I go hiking, my head is a total blur. No thoughts, no voice that tells me to run faster, watch my posture, my feet...hiking is like starting to dream while you are asleep.
Even though we always hiked in the same scenery, I enjoyed getting out and connecting with Mother Nature.

Ever hiked when it freshly rained? Hmm...try Japanese forest meditation — or at least google it! When I planned my South Africa trip, I was more than excited to explore Africa's nature and its insects through hiking. I asked the girl on the plane what to do in Cape Town...she said: running, swimming, surfing, hiking. I told her that hiking will be my highlight during this trip — all the views, nature, the light. She told me that hiking is a must! Everyone is hiking there, it's like a national sport!

I was prepared. More than ready.
My hiking essentials are packed.

My Nike hat (always bring one with you!!!) / Snacks like energy bars, nuts, cereals, haha /  Hydration (drink plenty!) / a little bag to pack the important stuff (don't hike with too much luggage, similar here or here) / Sun screen (the sun literally grills you) / Facial mist or water spray (this was hella cheap and one of my dearest favs to keep me fresh wherever I was) / Sneaker wipes to keep the shoes clean in any emergency 

Plan your hikes well (depending on where you are)...don't make it too complicated and take it easy! What do you like to pack for your hiking trips??