6:38 PM The trip to Africa was a really special trip for me. Not only was this my first time in Africa, but also I decided to join my sister travelling, after travelling alone for years (we both like to be alone abroad…)
Since this sister trip should be tons of fun, I surprised my sister with a little upgrade, which we shall enjoy at the end of the trip. You know we are really into cool hotels or places where you get massive interior inspiration or you really get a sense of vacation, because the place makes you feel comfortable af. We just never book them, because we don't have enough many to live lavish, haha.

I already chose our hotel – a moderate place with all the important stuff we would need during our stay. The little upgrade I chose for us was a 2 day stay at a super fancy Airbnb, on cloud 9, somewhere in Cape Town. When I prepared myself for this trip, I read through so many reviews and guides, but no one could really convince me with the perfect place to stay.

I always wanted to try Airbnb – being all private, enjoying the vacation just like a citizen, and most importantly: using a big ass kitchen to cook and be happy. I found the perfect piece on Airbnb. A penthouse flat with views on our dear Table Mountain and all the nature around.

Seeing the images of the flat made my heart stop for a second. Glass windows with an amazing view, a huge living room, an inviting big kitchen…a swimming pool on the rooftop and an indoor gym for us sport junkies. I wanted to treat us with this stay, so we booked it.

The day we left our hotel, we were so excited. I was so ready for privacy. I wanted to jump around in a place which belongs to us and also be able to cook myself some other things than oatmeal – I just wanted to live. Our hotel was having 24/7 house keeping – they kept on knocking on our doors all day…I was so happy to finally have a quiet place with no door knocking or “house keeping, hello, hello”. No disrespect, I know they do their jobs…but I just want some time for myself, running around in a bikini without worrying that someone might knock on the door.

We reached the street. The area was weird…I loved the neighborhood where our hotel was, but I didn’t want to judge right away. We walked closer. There it was. Our penthouse was inside a Four Seasons complex, so we were having a security guard in the front and everything around felt super safe and controlled. Weird, but a good feeling at the same time… We got our keys and drove up to the 17th level – top floor, baby. We opened the door and freaked out. It really looks like on the pictures!!
We ran from room to room, checked the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom. We touched the table, opened all doors…smiling beyond. There’s a huuuge balcony with a jacuzzi! And the sweetest view you can imagine. Damn, this is really happening. We couldn’t believe that this is really true.

Breakfast with a view. Oh hi, Cinnabon ~ 

I am not the biggest spender when I go on vacation. All my hotels are moderate. Rather cheap, because I only care about a great bed…but this…was something else. The flat was equipped very well: kitchen utensils, coffee and milk – the basics to start right into the day, a music player, air conditioning, towels, cleaning stuff, a laundry room, books, even stuff for kids… oh, and also a South African wine was ready to be enjoyed with this beautiful view of the sun going down. I loved it.

Our contact left important information for us just like internet connection, emergency stuff, and house guidelines. Super helpful! We unpacked, discovered our pool and gym, and fell in love with our place. This is how it must feel to be rich…mad crazy. Since the building was in a quiet area and there weren’t so many people inside the house, we had the perfect vibes of solitude and relaxing vacation time.
Oh god, this was so unreal.

We took it easy. No stress, no big plans.
We went grocery shopping and decided to continue our sightseeing program. Since the last 48h of Cape Town started, we tried to create the best atmosphere for us to explore the city and also say good-bye at the same time. My sister had the good idea to have a big meal the night before we leave. We tested our gym, danced in the apartment, enjoyed the view during any time of day, did some yoga, meditated on this awesome oriental carpet, and lived like kings. For our big farewell dinner we chose the motto Africa. I have to share this with you sorry…

I guess this was one of the coolest things we did in Cape Town…. We both love food so much, so it was clear that we would be cooking together. The only thing which wasn’t planned was our menu. My sister is such a good cook – I was so ready to be lazy and eat her good stuff. We decided to make African burgers with ostrich and mango, guacamole, and lots of greens, while I provided the dessert: malva pudding. Lord Jesus! Malva pudding is a recipe I will surely present on the blog soon! I'm deeply in love. 

Leaving our apartment was the hardest thing, haha. Saying good-bye to this fascinating view and our rockstar life...
Still we both were beyond happy and this little upgrade was exactly what we needed.

A stay at an Airbnb feels like a spa trip and I would recommend this to everyone out there!

Don’t be scared booking your first time – I got some tips how we did it.

My rules to book the perfect Airbnb

1. Don’t be cheap. I know spending cash is a pain in the ass, but don’t be cheap when you choose a place. If you book a place for 20€ a night and the profile doesn’t provide the best pictures, refuse to go there. Look for a place that’s 50€, for example, and trust your gut to invest a little more! A safe place is better than a cheap stay with any problems appearing…you never know! Set yourself a limit though…You don’t have to spend 300€ a night…you can find great things between 50-100€ a night. 2. Invest time. Take an afternoon off to really find the perfect place. Don’t book the first thing that jumps right into your eyes. Create a top 5, check how expensive everything is and compare different distances or amenities of the apartments.
3. Book ahead. The best places are always sold out so fast.
4. If the price is okay, make sure to really check all the pictures! The more pictures – the better. If you don’t find enough information or you want more pictures, make sure to contact the owner and feel free to ask all the questions that bother you!
5. Read through ALL the info on the page. What is allowed? What do you need to bring? What does the owner offer? What do guests say about the place? Trust the guests!! If they say it was bad, or the owner doesn't care of this and that, don't go there. People write real reviews - trust them and not any illusions. 
6. Stay in contact with the owner. After booking, make sure to introduce yourself to the owner. You don’t have to be best friends, but say hi and ask the person about tips or anything he/she thinks is important to know before you'll arrive. We did this right away and our apartment owner was so sweet to send us a little city guide with all the important places to see! The week before we arrived and also 24h ahead, we made sure to stay in contact with the owner, just to make sure that our booking is still guaranteed and no problems come off.

This should be enough to remember when you book your first Airbnb. At the end of the day, this is just like a hotel, but only a bit more personal and quiet unique. So make sure to take good care of your Airbnb experience: planning is everything! It might be a lot of planning and checking, but at the end, it is really worth it!

If you get the chance to travel to a city with cheap Airbnbs, make sure to book one – just to experience it once! Airbnb has any kind of apartment, room, or house to offer, so anyone can find anything there. Also they offer great tours dealing with the city’s culinary, creative, or green side.

Have you every travelled to an Airbnb destination?