8:46 AM Ladies, dear sisters! Today is our day – your day! Let’s celebrate us, our beings, our achievements, our abilities to be greater than we already are. I love Women’s Day! I love women and I love being a part of this great community (there’s still a lot that we have to work on though…)

For today’s special event, I want to write some special words dedicated to some women which really inspire me! I never had many female heroes in my life – I could count them on one hand. But now, the older I get, the more women impress and inspire me. This year’s Women’s Day motto is #PressforProgressprogress in so many ways. It’s time for equal rights, women working in leading positions, fair loans, and much more. This is only the beginning and I am more than ready to fight for us lovebirds worldwide. Together we have to raise a voice – our voice.

After coming back from Africa, I have so much more respect for African working values. Africans work their butt off while being surrounded with the worst conditions and payment (if they get paid at all). Our luxurious problems of working a 5 day week, instead of a 7 day week is bullshit. Fair payment and health insurance stuff feels like a joke when you take a closer look at African families struggling to buy food for the whole family – luxurious stuff is not even on their mind, it’s all about surviving.
I feel deeply inspired by so many people whom I met during my vacation. The people who sell their crafts and art to get their kids going to school or buying milk for their baby at home. I went back home, feeling more than blessed, but it also opened my eyes to appreciate my work more. I do enjoy my jobs, even though I’m in a cloud of stress very often…Fact is, there’s worse out there and I don’t need to complain. No one needs to do that – at least we are getting paid.

Today I want to celebrate the women in Africa who raise their voice. Women who show how strong they are with the ability to create and inspire. Where traditions meet modernity, a greater opportunity which offers them to live a better life. I cheer to you today, tomorrow, and every day in the future!
Through my dear friends at Pineapple Collaborative, I got to know Ajiri Tea – a cooperative-sourced Kenyan tea. Doesn’t sound special in the beginning, but their cute packaging made me curious to explore beyond! On their website, I realized that this is something bigger. A company with which I can identify myself and more importantly, a place and work ethnic I do want to support. Ajiri Tea is special in its own way, because it is a company ran by women, for women. Kate and Sara Holby founded this great tea universe in Kenya for the hard-working Kenyan women.
You have to imagine that in Kenya, many women work…they work so hard, but they don’t get paid for the work they do. Women are more than a house wife who takes care of the home – women go out, fetch firewood, collect water, take care of the farm, and raise the children in a society which is dominated by men. With Ajiri Tea, those women finally get a voice in form of money and power! Their hard work gets paid which leads to having better life conditions – may it be opening bank accounts, having electricity at home, sending kids to school, or fulfilling the dream of opening an own business.

"We are a real community working with real people, addressing real needs."

What I love about the company is the diversity of women, bringing all their talents to the table to create this fantastic tea. The tea leaves grow in the green Kisii Hills of western Kenya and they are being handpicked by many hard-working women. Other women take care of the packaging of the tea! Each tea comes in a handmade box with an unique label made out of dried banana leaves. Hell yes, to recycling and nature friendly packaging! All profits from sales are being donated to the Ajiri Foundation which pays school fees for orphan education in western Kenya.

I love that such a “simple product”, a daily consumed food, can make such a huge impact on society, its morals, standards, values, and perspectives. Ajiri Tea (and coffee!) is sold worldwide and with the easy task to just go out and buying it, we can help orphans in Kenya to have a future! We do not only help kids to enjoy education and create a better future for themselves, we also help families where women finally get a chance to be heard and seen! Giving them the right to be a normal working human being who is not being discriminated by their sex.

We need more companies like this.
We need to support this as much as we can!

I am so happy to have discovered you, Ajiri tea, and I am proud to write these words about you today! You inspire me to do better, give back, and make every woman feel valuable and strong. If you want to support Ajiri Tea and Ajiri Foundation, make sure to check out their website and browse where the nearest location would be to get your hands on their handcrafted goods!


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