4:04 PM From celebrating a perfect little siesta, I want to encourage you today to have the best morning - every day. Let's call this a wake up ritual, or creating a wake up routine
Every time I go travelling, I am so surprised how fast my body is creating habits or routines which make my daily so much easier. 

Back home, I sometimes don't have the time to sweat in the morning...I cut my breakfast or eat my last bites at work, and my smooth coffee mornings often skip a week - because I don't have time for anything!!!
There's no settled plan or ritual that repeats itself each day and I hate that so much! My work schedule is never the same so I'm not able to set a constant to do list for the morning. 

In Cape Town, I was free of course...not much to do, so I could create sweet morning habits which put my metabolism and mood beyond cloud 9. 

My first day was really impressive. The heat was far beyond crazier than I imagined it to be, so I was happy when the first day ended and I laid in bed and experienced a cooler breeze which made me breathe for a second. So much happened, I just wanted to enjoy a good dinner and go to bed early. 
In the middle of the night I got up again to change my pj - I put on the shortest stuff that my suitcase offered me (*for sleeping that might be okay, I thought...). Africa was mad real in that moment! 

The next morning already treated me with a tight sun greeting. Since I didn't realize yet that I was really sitting on my bed watching Table Mountain, I decided to start the morning slow. I took a shower, got myself ready and wore my running shorts with a sports bra - I refused to get dressed, haha. Back to my super short stuff... 
Time to embrace my body - 
I thought. The heat forced me to create outfits which left me half naked, but I also wanted to feel good. Damn, body therapy is always a struggle for me...

Since my neck was 24/7 sweaty and I don't like my hair to be sticky, I wore my hair mostly in a bun and put a head scarf around - mixing some African vibes into my breakfast party. 

I cooked tons of peppermint tea which I drank hot and cold and yes, it cooled me down which was such a good help! 
On my bed, I watched some African music videos, ate my dear oatmeal, slurped on my peppermint tea and just enjoyed the moment. I looked down at my thick legs...sweaty legs, slightly tanned legs. I can get used to this...I will get used to this! 
While I already heard the staff outside knocking on several doors saying "housekeeping, helloooo", I got down on the floor to do some stretching and breathing - connecting with the ground and enjoying the cool floor. 

This was basically a super normal morning and I started mega slow into my African adventure, but this 1 hour in the morning made me so happy that I actually repeated it until we actually flew home. 
Already on day #2 I woke up and my body repeated the same stuff in the same manner while my face was smiling big and the heart was calm as it should be. I wore my sexy outfit again and looked in the mirror. Time to celebrate myself. Celebrate a new day with a strong routine and some fun minutes dancing in front of the mirror. The African music puts you into the best mood, yo! 

It's March...Women's History Month, right? Why do we always stress ourselves so much? Can we put our health first? Can we focus on our well-being more? Can we just focus on something else?
There's no time for procrastination...I am such a person. It's my hobby.
But my vacation told me again to take time off. I wasn't even on my Instagram during the morning, because our internet sucked in the first days...instead of panicing, I could easily take out my book and just enjoy words which really give me inspiration, not a stupid picture of a sneaker release (no offense...). 

Sisters, ladies...let's take this month to start new, or maybe update our living. 

Whatever it is to make you feel good: book a yoga class, go running, see nature, book a cooking class, start conscious living, eat healthier - the list is long. And please forget about body images, people hating, or weird comments about your outfit or such. DO YOU! Feel strong this month, no matter your size, color, or height! We are in this together ~

My tip: start waking up earlier now! Winter is almost gone and we can already smell spring! The sun will be out earlier, so we shouldn't sleep too long in the morning! Sunlight is essential to happiness....get up earlier, create a wicked breakfast routine (yes, please breakfast!!), turn up your favorite music and start every day in the happiest way. If you are able to squeeze in a little workout session - even better! Put your being and your mood first! Sing with the birds and enjoy this fresh season with every heartbeat! 

Who's in?

*who spots the bruces on my belly? ~ Laughing about this today, so don't get in the mood to comment any negative stuff here :)