7:38 PM One thing which made me the most excited to go to South Africa was the fact that Cape Town offers tons of beaches where we could relax and soak in all the African sun. I can't really remember the last time I did a vacation where I can go to the beach and get a beautiful tan. Just relaxing and watching the waves kiss the sand. 

One day, I walked along the Waterfront and tried the easy 5k running route where you'll get the most beautiful view you could ever ask for. When my sister joined me in Cape Town, I told her to walk the same route with me to explore all the cool beaches in Cape Town. 
Sure, there are more beaches to explore, but we wanted to hang out at a beach in walking distance and also with less tourists. 
On our actual way to Camps Bay (a white sand beach), we passed so many great tiny beaches that we decided to stop and enjoy a beach siesta there.

The distances in Cape Town are crazy... 
Sometimes you feel like you walk for hours and the view doesn't change. Miles and miles look the same: ocean blue waves, sand, and the beautiful mountains. It was endless. I loved it, though. 

The sun burned our skin so we finally decided to stop walking and go down to this almost empty beach. The perfect timing, we thought. 
There were only a few people enjoying the water and the sand, the perfect atmosphere to listen to the loud waves crushing. 

We sat down and looked around. A few kids were running around. 
I told you earlier about our beach experience...a tiny bit. We didn't know that we visited a beach which is more or less only visited by locals...The tourists go to other beaches, which are way fancier. We didn't care. 
A lady who took some orphans on a beach trip, explained to us that we have to look out steal your things and most of the people at the beach are poor that's why they get really interested when white tourists appear and sit down there.

We sat down with no intentions and no idea about the neighborhood we were at. 
Still, we enjoyed this trip a lot, since we like getting to know locals and understanding more about the culture and population of Cape Town. 

The kids were running around, chasing each other, filling their plastic bottles with sand, and giggle like there's no tomorrow. 
I loved seeing the kids having so much fun in the purest way. The kids were basically poor...they had nothing...but they were having the time of their life. I think this wouldn't be possible back home... our kids don't know what to do without a cellphone or such...

Watching my deep blue ocean inspired and motivated me. I was calm and enjoyed breathing in the salty air. This moment, observing the people at the beach, grounded me one more time and I learned another lesson which I had to write down in my Cape Town book. 

One our way back, we saw many corners which were full with plastic. I was happy to see women collecting trash right by the ocean, but there was still so much trash spread all over. 
While collecting sea shells, I stepped so many times in plastic trash and hurt my feet. I didn't want to leave this place without collecting some things which I can throw away to keep the beach area clean. 
If I had more time, I would have stayed there the whole day to clean and collect bags full of plastic. 

I hate seeing our dear beaches being so dirty. There are trash cans and everyone seems to refuse using them. Especially in Cape Town, where the beaches are beyond inviting, I believe one should care a little bit more.

If you take plastic with you to the beach then please recycle it afterwards...

Stop polluting Mother Nature. Stop throwing your trash everywhere. Imagine someone would do this to your home, your habitat. Animals eat that trash and they die. 

I will definitely take care of the beaches wherever I am. I hope you feel the same the next time you visit a beach!

If you happen to have too much time, why don't you organize a clean-up yourself? Invite friends and family and tell them to protect what has to be protected. Education is the key...some people just walk around with their eyes them for them!