Sonntag, März 4

5:22 PM You can definitely say that I am addicted to working out, but I never put a step into a gym...I never did that, and I don't feel the muse to do so. 

Okay, so how do I stay fit? 
For those who visit this site for the first time today, I am a runner. I try to run as much as I can and at home I continue working on my strength and certain body parts, yoga is also becoming a dear favorite. In my four walls I got all my equipment to enjoy a successful workout and I prefer this way of sweating and working out the most. 

I have never been super positive about my body and often I feel super weird, when I am wearing tighter close which enhance my curves...I don't need any girls or dudes looking at me when I work out - at home I am alone...all good, I believe. 

No disrespect to those who live that #gymlife - I think everyone has to find their own best way to work out - with partners, alone, outside, inside, the gym, the tracks, the swimming pool - you get what I'm trying to say... 

Now in Cape Town, a big to-do on my active list was hiking and running! One tiny note on hiking (later more) hiking is the death in Cape Town...so I took all my blood and sweat and focused on running (which was also a bit tougher than I thought).
Luckily, we spent the last days in a super fancy Airbnb which provided us with a gym and swimming pool - a little active getaway for me and my sister. 
I knew that my sister is a gym freak - she's all about that #gymlife, so I was happy to spend at least one day in the gym to keep my body moving and burning off all that delicious malva pudding. 

My body was screaming inside...the gym looked a bit old and god...I really don't like gyms, but I wanted to burn calories - it was a must to enter! 
I dressed to impress (kinda)...and walked in with all the confidence I could find deep down inside me. I felt good in my outfit, because I could finally wear my little birthday present which means so much to me!!

This is what I'm talking about: my N.E.R.D x adidas tights! (Pssst...they are on sale right now). Ask anyone out there...I am the biggest N.E.R.D stan and when I heard the news that adidas is releasing an exclusive workout collection with my favorite band, I had breathing issues and my heart exploded. I knew I needed to get the red color tights et voilà, right on my birthday they entered my world... 

*If you consider buying one piece out of the series: get it/ get them...the material is the smoothest your skin will ever feel and yes, it really forms the best booty.

After warming up, I tried some kettle bells, squated to keep the booty pretty, boxed a little bit, kickboxed, and finished with a sweet spinning session with the best view: our dear Table Mountain. 
Now you are curious to know how much I liked this workout, huh? Oh god, it was awful. It was my shortest workout and I was sore for a week, hahaha. 

I still don't like gyms.

This experience was shit. I was happy that I had my sister with me, but I feel so much more pleasure when I run outside than working with these tools which don't turn me on at all. Spinning was cool, though. 

Shall I give up on gyms or shall I give it another try? 
How's your relationship to gyms!?
Please share - I like reading your stories! 

Yes, finish laughing first :) 
I hope you have a fantastic Sunday! 
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