9:24 AM As an ocean ambassador, I am deeply in love with mi blue seas. Biology, especially marine biology was something that intrigued me as a kid….what’s up down there? What species live under the sea? How do they survive in these deep waves?

I have seen many oceans…a lot of water in my life. I saw the “basic selection” of fish, but my dream was to always go to an aquarium to see all the wild animals. Seahorses, turtles, special fish, maybe a nemo – ahhh, I want to explore it all. Knowing that Cape Town is offering a great place to witness sea life and all the creatures I always dreamed of seeing live, I knew I needed to go.
Located right at the Waterfront, it is the perfect tourist sight to include while discovering the whole Waterfront with its shopping mall “Victoria Wharf” and the running route right next to the water. (The Waterfront is a must visit!! Plan this for at least two days, so you can explore any tiny bit around there)

Entering this blue jungle, my sister and I were madly hyped. The aquarium is built like any other aquarium, I guess, no special constructions or such, but all the tanks were really impressing no matter what room we entered! There were column tanks decorated with the brightest jelly fish (oh god, these were one of my favorites), huge tanks with the ugliest sharks, tiny tanks with the cutest seahorses, and also the big swimming pool-like tanks where you’ll find rays and turtles.
One of the first things we saw when we entered was a tribe of nemo fish in a deep blue tank! All these tiny glowing nemos were the cutest thing I have ever seen! This aquarium walk felt like being inside the nemo movie – I recognized many exotic species I also saw in the movie, haha.

Next to the usual aquarium suspects, one could also find crabs, lobsters, a calamar, weird sea spiders, and a big big family of penguins.

I had many special moments in this aquarium. I think the most impressive moment was entering the jelly fish room where you could see all the different neon colored jelly fish swimming in the slowest slow motion around: big jelly fish, baby jelly fish, and anything in between.

This felt like meditation. Also, it was really sweet seeing penguins playing around, upstairs in their little wild life section. Seeing a calamar, moving around, hiding, and just swim through the waters was also a crazy moment. I actually saw all the animals I wanted to see, even though I wished to see more turtles, or being at least a bit closer to them. They had a lot of sharks there which is unfortunately not really interesting to me (my opinion).

Also a tiny minus point is that this aquarium is more or less a children playground. I saw so many little kids running around, screaming, and being annoying to the max. The acoustic inside is insane…you only hear children screaming or crying, so when I entered my jelly fish meditation room, I was happy to enjoy some quiet minutes…

I also want to emphasize that I was super impressed to see their commitement for the oceans, meaning sustainability and plastic waste.

Upstairs, after studying all the animals, one is able to experience a challenge which inspires to live a more sustainable daily life. Biodiversity, plastic being a threat for turtles and other sea lives, the issue of plastic straws, and all the bad side effects of using plastic! A great illustration for kids, but also us grown-ups! There was a machine where you can take a quiz and test how sustainable you already live and what you can exactly do to live a better life for the oceans and sea life. I loved this and I wish more people would take a closer look at this. I think we were the only ones in the room while we read THE WHOLE ILLUSTRATION plus TAKING THE QUIZ. More education, people!

I really appreciate this aquarium and the experience we made this day. I will never forget my first aquarium experience!
This was awesome. Have you ever visited an aquarium?

Some impressions for you.