6:38 PM Let’s discuss all the weird things, right? This is actually not weird, but I never thought I am studying everything butter-related… Yeah, I’m honest, I actually don’t care about butter much. I know it exists and I love it when it comes to baking, otherwise, it can do whatever it wants to…

Lately, I have been reading a lot about ghee though…I always wondered what it is or why everyone says that this is something you need to add to your pantry. It was time to study again. After several articles and recipes, I was curious to try making my own ghee. But before we start with the process, let’s make clear what ghee actually is and why it is so good for you.

I am sure that there are many people out there who are just as confused as I am. Ghee vs. butter – what is better? Well, dear people, ghee is butter, to be clear. It is not a different kind of produced butter – it is simply butter. The only huge difference is that ghee is clarified butter. Clarified means that through cooking one removes all milk solids out of the butter, so you will get a healthy, nutrient-rich food which can be used for plenty of good stuff. Reducing butter to its butterfat, makes the butter easier to digest, especially for those who have lactose issues. With the longer simmering process, you might even create a richer nutty flavor which is something you won't find in your ordinary butter.
Also, in Indian and Southeast Asian cultures, ghee is not only being used as food, but also Ayurvedic medicine. Sounds interesting.

Now does that mean that I have to eat ghee during the whole day? Well, ghee contains unsaturated and saturated fatty acids, including Omega 3 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids. With extra minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins, the butter may improves immune function and it helps with digestion. Many people also swear that it is super good for the skin, brain, and especially balancing hormones.
On some pages, I saw that the people swear to include ghee into their smoothies or morning coffee, just because of the extra benefits. Okay, this was actually the moment when I said to myself that I needed to try making my own pot of ghee. And since I always live super fancy, I don’t want a normal ghee, I infused it right away! The more benefits, the better, I thought.

Here’s my step by step guide to make infused vanilla ghee!


YOU NEED 1 pound unsalted butter (go with grass fed – more nutrients ~) + 1 teaspoon vanilla essence + equipment: pan, cheese cloth, and strainer

1. Get your butter out of the fridge and melt it in a pan over medium heat.
2. Watch the beautiful process of milk and butter separating. Let the butter bubble if you want to, just don’t cook it too high.
3. As soon as you see the milk solids at the top, take out a spoon and skim the butter.
4. It might happen to look like a little bubbly foam party on top, so make sure to throw the whole party out. All the milk solids should be gone and at the end, the only thing you will see is a nice shiny butter.
5. As soon as all the foam is gone, and you look at this precious liquid gold only, it’s time to remove the butter from the heat.
6. Put your cheese cloth around your strainer and pour the butter through it. Don’t worry, the cloth is only there to catch the last bits of milk solids, in case you missed to catch some.
7. Once everything is filled inside the jar, remove the strainer and let it cool for 5 minutes.
8. The ghee is extremely hot, so I waited to infuse it with my vanilla. I bet you can add it earlier, but I didn’t want it to burn or taste weird. Take 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence and mix it with the ghee. I love watching the little black dots of the vanilla swimming in my hot ghee.
9. Let everything cool down and then put the jar in your pantry or put it in the fridge – it’s up to you!

People worry so much about all the fats and calories. Fact is, there is always good fat around us – we just have to get to know them! Being dairy free, I should actually eat ghee for a longer time now, but somehow I ignored it to the max. I’m sorry. Now that I know that it is so easy to do it myself, I will try it a couple of more times and I will surely infuse it with more flavors! So far, I have added it to my smoothie and I have to laugh a little bit, because I didn’t taste anything. Is that normal? Ghee experts, talk to me !

Well maybe I should try it on a bagel…
Please, please share your experiences!