9:21 PM Being in New York is the death for all the food lovers out there. I think there has never been a trip to my home where I ate fully clean and sticked to my diet - New York is treating me too well with all the damn calories.
At the end of my last visit, I craved a little healthy routine, though. I mastered my way through donut land, the craziest pastry, and a bagel overload. Right now I just wanted to have some oatmeal, fresh fruits or whatever healthy I can find. I decided to go to Whole Foods to get some bananas and let myself inspire a little bit.

I had no fridge in my hotel room, so my shopping list was tiny and I needed to be creative when it comes to food and healthy choices...deep down inside I wanted anything from the fridge section (can I?). (Duh, yogurt and all of that is boring...I can have that back home again.)
But then I remembered I am in the country where there are millions of dairy-free options and sexy yogurt flavors. I still don't have a fridge in my room....welll, I don't care.

Noosa smiled at me and I went straight to the shelf to check out these little buddies. Ahhh, I'm a sucker for product design, packaging and cool names, haha. If I knew that Noosa got 700 different flavors, I would have gone crazy and bought as many as my hands can carry.
The day I visited Whole Foods at the Bowery, I could only get their blueberry and honey yogurt. Super simple flavors I thought and there was actually way more interesting stuff in the fridge, but somehow my inside told me to take one Noosa honey with me.
I went against the fruit option, because without a fridge I'm scared that the fruit in there turns out bad or such....but no worries...I love honey, so bring it on.
I got myself more fruits and headed to the register. When I was paying my healthy options, I realized that I went actually with a dairy version, even though I don't consume dairy anymore.... Oh boy. Nevermind? I'm on vacation...

At my hotel, I enjoyed one of the best yogurts I ever had! I'm not being paid to say that, but oh boy, I love sexy food experiences and this was beyond sexy! I held this cool yogurt in my hands and I enjoyed each spoon I took. My mind told me to hate this, since this was dairy, but man...I miss dairy when I eat stuff like this. The creaminess of this yogurt was beyond. It felt like silk, fluffy, and light. When I mixed it with the honey, I had the best greek yogurt balanced with the right amount of sweetness. By the way, what honey do you use, Noosa? I'm dreaming again...
The yogurt was gone after a couple of seconds...I have to admit that I couldn't really enjoy it - I was just putting it all in my mouth, because I wanted more.
What's even better - my stomach or skin didn't even react to my dairy intake (strike, strike, strike).

After I got home and I googled about Noosa, I was shocked to see their full range! Now my list is long... when I come back to NYC soon, I will test EACH flavor and I can't wait to to test them! Brands like Noosa are really missed here in Europe. I'm not saying that our yogurt sucks, but the flavors and creaminess that Noosa brings along is greater than great.

I never thought I'd be so in love with yogurt, but this dude here won my heart.

Thank you Noosa for making my NYC trip a little bit more special ~
If you live in a city that offers Noosa and you haven't tried it yet - go ahead and explore the world of this Aussie yogurt maker! For any NYC tourists - if you have a fridge or not, don't waste any time and get yourself a cup of good vibes! Tell me about your favorite yogurt!