8:18 PM How fast did January pass? Man, it's crazy. How was your first month of 2018? 
Right now, I feel good, I feel energized and fresh! 

The #dearrunning challenge just ended and I am happy and sad at the same time, haha. Being in a different country with different climate didn't allow me to perform as much and as hard as I wanted to...but I tried. 
I hope you guys enjoyed the challenge a lot and your final 5k race was a huge success! 
I was happy when I was back home and I had a normal routine again, having a steady and satisfying rhythm! Since my trip, I learned about new boundaries, strength, and weak spots - but mostly, I realized my love for running grew (yeah, it's possible)! 
In December, I was a bit off, having not so many runs and I felt a bit behind - 4 weeks after, with a lot of new experiences, motivation, and movement, I realize that no matter what, running is saving me from everything - I just love this sport so much. 

That's why I will definitely take February as an extention to my #dearrunning challenge! I want to be spring ready and I want to continue feeling fresh and happy! 
Sounds like a good plan, right? 

The last time I felt so good about my running was in New York, back in October. Today I was thinking about my favorite routines or running routes which I enjoyed in NY so much! I really miss it... I can't wait to be back in NY soon to kiss the asphalt and run from the Upper West Side down to Battery Park, haha. 

If you love running as much as I do, you live in NY, or you are visiting the Big Apple soon, make sure to not miss out on this: the Williamsburg Bridge
Doesn't sound exciting, but you may know this bridge from Instagram - I feel like it's more famous than Brooklyn Bridge...true? 

I never realized how awesome Williamsburg Bridge is until I ran there 4 months ago. In the past, I loved walking bridges to get to Brooklyn for some crazy Target shopping...but last time, when I thought about a different running route, I was lazy and picked Williamsburg Bridge, because I lived by pretty close. 
Entering the pink Instagram star, I took a deep breath and prepared my muscles - this can be tough, yo! In the beginning, it feels like you will run the highest mountain - it goes up, up, up. But then you check your surrounding and you forget about it - you just enjoy the view! 
The bridge is 2227m long which is good enough for an early morning or smooth evening run - back and forth, you will run 4454m, 4,4k - perrrfect! 

An extra tip from your favorite lovebird: enjoy a run in the evening! On your way back to Manhattan, you will have the sexiest view: skyline, lights, and sparkly stars ~ 
*After your run, enjoy East Village and grab a bagel at a Jewish bakery ~ that's what I love the most about being active. 

One of my favorite places to run and warm up my muscles! Let's run Williamsburg Bridge, yooo! 

Happy running ~