7:37 PM One thing I love more and more while getting older is anything vintage. Maybe it's because with a certain age, you like to reflect about older days, reminiscing about the past – actions, moments, simple memories. Fashion always plays a tiny part right here. Remembering my first Nike Cortez from 12 years ago, my adidas Superstars with light blue stripes and the thick laces back then. My overalls and weird patterns which never matched, but I felt so cool! That's what it is today as well! Kids wear things from the 80s and 90s – combine them like crazy and think that it's cool. Sometimes...nawww, just leave it.

I remember my fashion style to always be beyond simple, since I was the queen of chubbiness. My highlight was always the nicest pair of kicks — I learned that passion from my parents. In 11th grade, when I wanted to enjoy my last two years at highschool (which are kinda special), I wanted to define my style. I started mixing my urban and super simple style with vintage things. I basically fell in love with vintage sports gear. I bought all the old merch and big love began. Then, I unconsciously switched back to buying all the current brands and releases until the day I realized that conscious and sustainable shopping is something I want to focus on for a longer timenot only for me, but also Mother Nature. I didn't shop much anymore and when I shopped, I tried to check the vintage stores first — one of my favorite things to do in New York.

Since you liked my post about one of my top 3 NYC vintage stores, L-Train, I thought I might present you my favorites today.

MORPHEW $$ 260 W 36th Street

STELLA DALLAS $$$ 218 Thompson St

L-TRAIN $ 204 1st Ave  

METROPOLIS $$$ 43 3rd Ave  

RITUAL $$$ 377 Broome St 

PROCELL $$$ 5 Delancey St 

MR. THROW BACK $$ 428 E 9th St 


THE VINTAGE TWIN $$$ 543 Broadway 

You can be sure that there is definitely more vintage stuff to explore in the Big Apple, but when it comes to me and my likes this selection is beyond satisfying! I love New York so much for it's vintage selection, it would be fatal to not check out these spots! Happy second hand shopping!