10:02 PM I have to admit, one of the things I missed the most, when I was on my travels the past times, was my selection of adaptogens which I like to take on a daily basis.
I once talked about adaptogens on the blog (read my post right here). I actually started my collection super tiny: my pantry had matcha and ashwagandha - all good...but then, I invested into some more and I couldn't stop creating smoothie, coffee, or other kind of recipes. I was addicted. 

I hate packing all the things I use on the daily basis for my travels, because I hate extra luggage. Especially travelling with adaptogens is a pain in the butt and that's why I kept everything at home, telling myself that I will be back on track as soon as I jump back into my kitchen. 

Recently, in South Africa, I had the same feeling that I had in New York - I woke up, missing my whole morning routine - I was off...
In New York, I had some ideas and the actual best location which supports me with my needs - I can just go outside and get myself fresh stuff. 

I know that NYCers live for any health and wellness trends and that's why there is a lot to shop when it comes to adaptogens, teas, oils, or whatever you desire. 
I read so much about The Alchemist's Kitchen, so I was curious to see if this place can really help me out with the stuff I need (or maybe I fall in love with new things!).

Luckily, AK was only a 4 minute walk away from my hotel, so I was tempted to go there more than once! I entered the place (you will walk right into the café area and in the back you'll find all the different offers) and I felt beyond happy, noticing all these different smells. The air was fresh - depending on where you stand, you can smell the different herbs and spices. It's a super warm feeling - I loved that! (This whole place actually feels like a living room - so cool). 

Now inside, after the friendliest hi, I took a walk and looked at the products which I knew from online, but never saw them in real life. They really offer a lot, so take your time looking around! 
You will find anything from daily adaptogens, for example from Sun Potion, or sacred plants, body and bath supplies, or whole plant beauty! Yes, yes, yes - everything is plant based! 

I found the stuff that I was looking for accept of some bee pollen (I'm addicted lately...). I asked a staff member and she was the sweetest! Dear pretty girl, you were such a good helper and so so kind! I asked her if they had any bee pollen and she told me that they don't have them in right now, but she can tell me the spot where I could find them. She took out her cellphone, called the store and showed me via Google maps how to get there. Remember, I just asked if they had any bee pollen - WHAT A SERVICE! Thank you!!

I took another walk, checked the price of some things which were on my list and I promised to come back! 

(I went two more times...I said it before...)
All in all, The Alchemist's Kitchen is a great experience! For New Yorkers I guess this is a normal place since you can get some of their products also at different places! If you come straight from Europe though, you might go crazy here! 
Let me call myself an urban witch: I consume ashwagandha, reishi, maca, moringa, matcha, and bee pollen A LOT. I care about my adaptogens and I trust in its effects on my body! Unfortunately, I got the struggle that my country is beyond behind and ordering stuff is too expensive, since all the major brands are located in the US. Since this is way too stressful, I rather write a long list and enjoy a nice shopping day at The Alchemist's Kitchen. I can find the best brands, enjoy a nice and educating talk with the people there, and finish off with a drink! It's like a day at the spa! 

Head over to their website to get to know all their products and make sure to also stop there for a nice and soothing drink! Treat yourself ~

The Alchemist's Kitchen, 21 East 1st Street, NY ($$-$$$)