2:48 PM I hate how my body is acting during the colder season - I mean when it's really cold!
I was never really into a massive spa day every day, but I always take good care of my body. When winter approached, I felt ready. I have tons of moisturizer, salves, and whatever you need to conquer the season. I survived pretty well...

Until I got back from South Africa. 
Of course, I was mega spoilt from a trip to a hot summer, but coming back, I was a bit overwhelmed with coldness and a lot of body issues. I came home with a freaking sunburn and my skin was getting really dry...the cold didn't help me much here. I was basically sleeping in lotion to always keep my skin moist. This problem was gone pretty fast, since I really took good care of my skin, but one thing stayed which annoyed me even more than my burned skin. 
Dry lips. 

I am a lip person and I love using any lip balms, glosses, or lipsticks - give them all to me. I usually run around with my simple chapsticks in any flavor - they moisturize beyond and they taste super delicious.
Now I haven't had dry lips for a longer time, so I was confused what to do. Was it the cold? The heater air? My sister even said I had a sunburn maybe on my lips...
I was putting my natural lip balm on my lips to heal my lips without any seducing flavors which I will lick off after 3 seconds (sorry chapstick), but somehow it still felt rough or weird. 

I took out my beloved friend and still new addition to the family: my Glossier birthday balm dotcom. I got it in Paris back in October and I haven't really tried it yet - it was about time. In the beginning, I was scared that I might just eat it off my lips, because duh, it's a freaking birthday cake balm!! But I took my healing process serious, so I let it rest on my lips. I opened up the tube and took a deep breath. Yessss. 
Glossier, I love you for creating this! I love that this is no super sweet, sugar coma flavor - it is the perfect balance. The balm itself is dense and has a wax like texture which lays perfectly on the lips and provides them with enough hydration and antioxidants. You literally feel how your lips say bye bye to dryness and welcome all the moistness. I am so happy with this!!

My winter saver was found, but my sister also gave me her Korres shea butter lip balm, because she didn't need it. I was curious of course and wanted to check what she was actually throwing away...
Shea butter contains vitamin A and E and it's known for soothing and moisturizing anything dry - I needed to experiement with this as well. 

I put my Glossier to the side (I want to save something, because I can't get it here in Germany...), so I was curious to see if I found a second balm which can help me keeping my lips hydrated. 
Badaboom, I used Korres' little buddy a whole day and I was on cloud 9 again. I am not treated with a seducing flavor here, but my lips are over-moist?! Can I say that? Smoothness overload. 

And now I sit here, smiling big, tiping these words. 
I thought that I am fighting with this issue for weeks now. Actually it was a three week problem and now I am almost over it. So good! 

Sometimes, we need to invest in things like makes life so much easier. Yes, I do own about 10 or more lip balms, but they all have different reactions to my skin or lips - I am happy I got all of these little helpers. 
Also now I am prepared for any hardcore winter. I know what my body needs and I can give it a little extra to feel better than ever!

I love to to take care of my body right. You should do that as well...

How about you? What's your favorite lip balm for winter?