8:06 PM Man, let me tell you I'm still on a high ~
This year's Valentine's present was the most perfect yet — a Kendrick Lamar show (thanks again, sister). We enjoyed the first show of his European "Damn Tour" and I cannot put in words how much love I feel. This was already my second Kendrick concert, but this time he was also joined by James Blake (too much greatness here ~).
For those who went there: high five, you know what I'm talking about here, for those who haven't seen him live — make sure to see him if he's close to your city!

I could preach for days when it comes to hip hop and the lovely culture it brings along. I listen to music all day — I can't go without it... Hip hop is my medicine which helps me out in any situation and that's why I also enjoy listening to it when I get busy in the kitchen. There is no better therapy than baking or cooking edamame with some smooth Tribe or some Kendrick, right?

During a recent kitchen party, I was dreaming a bit too much again and while listening to King Kunta, I had my next creative project right in front of my eyes. Earlier, I already provided you with motivational posters for any active routine you are doing at home — a little kick in the butt which motivates you right after you wake up in the morning or a nice reminder next to your fridge when you feel like you need all the extra chocolate. [I actually got more of these posters for you!]
You know how much I love to talk about the kitchen, but I hate being limited to recipes only... I know you can't hang up all the fitness inspired posters in your kitchen (you can...but who does that?) — I wanted something special for my favorite place to be. Here's the beginning of my Hip Hop kitchen art!

Since nowadays everyone is getting themselves hip hop related stuff for their home (even if they don't know the group...) make always sure to keep it authentic, but fun at the same time. You have no idea what weird and funny rap songs exist which talk about food, veggies, or any favorite meal.

Hip hop makes anything culinary even more poetic and romantic.

*** a short momentum for me to celebrate myself! I finally managed to create an account for people ALL OVER THE WORLD to get my art for their own walls! I'm honest and sincere — freelancing ain't free, but I want to continue inspiring you, because I know that there are people out there who like what I do and it makes them smile. I decide about the prices of my art, because it's my art and my time – so please swallow down your comments if you don't agree with them. I am so happy to spread more of my art and I can't wait to see your smiling faces as well!! Just like I said, I will start with my kitchen hip hop posters and in the next weeks I will add more posters and photography from NY. From me to you — it's always love week!

*I hope you get my sense of humor here.... pictures via.

Thank you for your support so far!
*don't forget: if you want a customized sneaker illustration write me weareoffcolor@gmail.com I'll tell you further details then!