6:08 PM I just experienced my longest flight ever...(I only travelled to South Africa...).
Each time when I happen to travel, I tell myself that I will make the flight so much better, because I'm prepared. I'm talking about snacks, stretches, or tools which can help me feel relaxed and better. During my NYC flight, I remembered my words. "God, I hate 9h flights...".  

For Cape Town I was prepared. 15h of flight is not a joke and I was not looking forward to all the back pain and unpatiently waiting to finally explore this distant country. 
I took my tennis ball and foam roller with me, so I can be super flexible whenever I want to. I bought this mini foam roller, so it's super easy to pack it and use it when there's not much space to lay on the floor an do the usual wellness treatments. I brought these two tools basically for my feet and back - I can't do much more on the plane, I thought. 

Also I did my research...what can I actually do on the plane? I really want to be nice to my body! 
Let's explore this together! 

1. KEEP ROLLIN': roll your ankles, wrists, and shoulders. Keep your body moving and help your muscles to basically breathe. 
2. LIFT IT: your legs always face a hard time on the plane...Keep your back straight, putting your arms on the armrest and lift your legs by engaging your core. This exercise is also good for your spine - make sure to have a good posture while you fly (I know this is hard...)
3. TWIRL IT: an easy exercise to keep the blood flowing in your feet! Twirl them clockwise and anti-clockwise. Remember to sit up right and if you like to you can also use the armrest for extra support if needed. 
4. PUMP IT UP: my feet love to fall asleep...With pumping your feet, your can easily work against it! Keep your heels on the floor and point your toes up - go up and down! If you haven't done it so far: take your shoes off!!
5. KNEES UP: bend slightly forward and pull your knee to your chest. Hold to 15 seconds and then switch sides. 
6. FORWARD, FORWARD: a forward bend is always really relaxing! Your chest touches thighs while leaning forward. Make sure to sink in slowly into this position and take the tention out of your shoulders. Let your neck relax and keep your spine straight. 
7. CALF RAISES: it's time to get up. Stand with your feet hip apart and let your heels go up while you stand on your toes. Hold on for a few seconds and repeat. 
8. WALK IT OUT: the most simple thing you can do is just walk. Sitting in the weirdest position isn't nice for you or your body...make sure to get up, let your body breathe for a little bit and keep your blood moving. 
9. ALL THE WATER: this is not a movement, but so important for recreation and your body's energy. Your body needs water! Please don't forget to hydrate! 

My flight to Cape Town was a bit different than I had imagined it...I used my foam roll and tennis ball only in my hotel and Airbnb and not on the plane. I had the weirdest seats which didn't allow me to do anything! Since there was not much room, I did a lot of body rolling, twirling, pumping, and baby stretching - it helped me in the moment, but I was happy when I did a whole recreation day at home!!

So make sure to plan your trip right. Bring gadgets with you which can help you during your flights, or you plan certain movements which you will repeat a couple of times during your long flight. Be prepared that you might end up on a plane with not a lot of space (just like my story)...don't give up or feel frustrated! All my ideas up there can be done while being on your seat and you don't bother anyone with these. 

Try it and treat your body with a little extra movement during your next long flight!
Stay cozy ~