8:31 PM February is so short…it feels like the beginning of the month, but the time has come to already share my favorites! Great timing, because it’s Black History Month and I am a bit frustrated about the lack of approach, education, and enlightment when it comes to this important time of the year. 

Since we learn too much about white history, black history needs to be spread more.

During my Africa trip in January, I learned so much more about black history and especially African culture which I appreciate so much! 
Two days ago, I also moved my butt to the movies to see „Black Panther“ and yessss, I am so happy about the result: the movie is a must-see, yo!! 

All this black awesomeness did inspire me so much so I thought that I might create my favorites of this month around this Africa theme. With those crazy winter temperatures, I wish I could be in Cape Town right now…sweating my butt off. 

I hope Black History Month will give you more insight to a rich history which includes so much inspiration and strength. If you don’t know a word about it…google it, visit your library, or ask your friends. 

Celebrate this great heritage – just like me. 
Thanks again, Africa! You are a good soul!

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