7:05 AM "Stay wild, moon child." Ahhh, I love myself a good marketing, but I love a great baking offer the most. Before my last trip to NYC, I wanted to explore so much, but one of my top things on my list was something fancy. I believe my usual eating style is pretty simple and yes, a burger from Wendy's is actually something luxurious to me. But this time I said to myself that I am ready to spend some cash...
I want to explore something new, chic, and totally fancy. Via Instagram I found Supermoon Bakehouse and my heart stopped beating for a second. This place screams Instagram no matter where you look at - it was so fancy, I needed to see this with my own eyes! 

Luckily, I stayed pretty close to the location and so I could enjoy a quick walk to the spot. Nevertheless, the day when I wanted to visit, I woke up super early, because I was scared that I might miss something, since there are days where Supermoon is sold out - I was ready. 
I walked to Rivington Street and I almost walked by it, since the glass front is not helping you much to find the store from far away. 

I noticed that no one was there, only a guy standing in front of the bakery, waiting them to open. No one here? I thought this was my lucky day. 
Indeed, when the doors opened (man, I really was early) me and the guy were the first and only customers of the morning. What an experience - if you can, come when they directly open! 

I never experienced such a great service! Good staff, professional and super sweet guidance - I felt super comfortable. 
Entering Supermoon, you will experience a different kind of bakery. 
The setting is pretty open - I love that! In the back, you can see the bakers preparing all the beautiful pastry and in the front you are invited to take a little walk along a fancy table which demonstrates the daily offer of the bakery all lined up. There is always someone who helps you out with info about the products, or you just walk along by yourself, studying pastry after pastry. 

I walked along the table and I couldn't close my mouth. There were many wows coming out and I just wanted to bite inside each piece. After spending a couple of minutes inside, I noticed that the room got a bit more crowded - more people were coming in, so I decided to order. 

I went with a pistachio croissant and a matcha donut (I guess the names were totally different, but I can't find them right now). Although Supermoon is so fancy and the quality impresses even without trying the pastry, I paid a pretty solid price and it isn't overexpensive! Good for us ~ 

So once you have ordered your dream pastry, the bakery team in the back packs your little box or bag with the delicious fellas and when they call your name, you are ready to leave or enjoy the pieces inside the bakery via the minimalist seating area (your Instagram will love it). 

I decided to take my pastry with me to the hotel which was the worst decision, haha. All the way back to the Bowery, a big dough cloud followed me and I was so excited to try my Supermoon things. 
The smell of the croissant was beyond, yo! If you ever get to go to Supermoon, please invest in at least one croissant! You can literally smell the softness and all the good butter ~ 

At my hotel room, I celebrated this breakfast beyond. 
I know it's not a normal breakfast, but I was treating myself! My matcha donut exploded when I took a bite - there is A LOT of cream inside and sometimes I didn't taste the dough because my mouth was full with all the cream (I don't really mind...). But hey, the croissant just made me the happiest. 
The smell didn't disappoint! This pastry is almost better than French pastry! I had so many French croissants in my life, but this croissant was like heaven! Together with the pistachio filling, I was somewhere else...

Supermoon! You are my favorite bakery in New York now! 
Thank you for creating such lovely treats which make you feel like the king of the world! 
I absolutely love this concept of a modern and abstract bakery! And most importantly...I dig your package design! If you happen to order two little pieces like I did, you will get this halo shimmery bag and if you decide to get more, you will leave the bakery with a super fancy box! I love the person whoever designed these....SO GOOD! 

New York, are you hungry? 
Do you want to treat yourself or your loved ones? Ahhh, it's Valentine's Day soon...how about surprising your favorite person with something from Supermoon? Cronuts, donuts, croissants...
Well, I would be happy...

I will be back soon, Supermoon! 

Supermoon Bakehouse, 120 Rivington Street, NY ($-$$)