7:53 PM One thing I love the most about New York is its eating culture. Each time I am there, I am on the hunt for the best restaurants or bakeries where I can experience the latest food trends. I am not a sucker for trends, but if I hear good press about certain things, why shouldn’t I try it as well?

One year ago, my sister forced me to go to by CHLOE., since it was the spot that everyone was talking about. I’m not into vegan food that much, because I love meat – pretty simple. (I’m not against it, but I wasn’t sure if I am into that…)
In New York I want to treat myself…I can eat salad and veggies at home, I thought.

Last October, when I was back home, I had a long list again with all the cool places I wanted to visit. I also wanted to keep my eyes open and see if I find a new stuff that maybe no one knows about – but there was a top three which I NEEDED TO SEE. When I met my friend Sam, I knew it’s time to finally eat at by CHLOE., so I am finally making my sister happy….oh, and Sam is a vegan, so things where just perfect.

It’s crazy how packed this place was (after eating there I understand why)… We got in line and I was surprised how small this location was (we ate the Bleecker street location in West Village) – so many people, so loud and hectic. If you want to enjoy a romantic and quiet dinner, make sure to order things to go so you can enjoy your food at home. After checking the menu, I knew pretty fast that I will go with the spicy thai salad (they also offer burger and fries)! An apricot-sriracha glazed tempeh with almonds, quinoa, edamame, crispy wontons and peanut dressing. I never had tempeh in my life and I actually hate peanuts or almonds in my salad, but somehow I needed to eat this – I really wanted it (even though it’s only a salad).

At the table, I was shocked when I saw the size of the salad: it was huuuge! I was so happy that I could leave this place with a full tummy, haha. Ohhh, the wontons…I totally didn’t notice them when I checked the menu and then I already ate half of my salad when I thought that the tacos taste so good. Yes, I thought I was eating tacos… At home, when I planned this dish as a part of our Christmas dinner, I found out that I was eating wontons! WHAT! This was the best thing about the salad and I recommend you to try this as well – life changing, yo!
Back to the salad. I was happy with the result and the taste experience was beyond! I love apricot and sriracha and honestly, I didn’t realize that I was eating tempeh. Until today I can’t tell you how tempeh tastes, but also the peanut dressing was not driving me nuts (pun intended). The kale and edamame were nothing new, but the total combination of this salad was just the bomb! So freaking good! I so recommend this!

If you leave the restaurant and you still feel hungry, you can enjoy something sweet at CHLOE.´s sister which is just one door away. At Sweets by CHLOE. you get anything sweet which you are craving – all the vegan way of course. It’s an even tinier spot, but oh boy, don’t judge a book by it’s cover. You can get cookies, cupcakes, cakes, babkas, or cinnamon rolls….and yes, to cut a long story short, I had to get myself a cinnamon roll, because I adore these babies so much! I bought one and left the place with this cute package (I love the creative team for their cool layouts all the time!).

In the evening, back in my hotel room, I was ready for my cinnamon roll! I opened the box and smelled it…don’t forget, this is vegan. Oh boy, why did I just spent 5$ for something I have no idea about? A few seconds later, I was out of this world…floating. Oh em gee! What is this? I swear I never had such a good cinnamon roll! It was juicy, soft, fresh, rich in flavor, and the glaze was perfect!

Excuse me? Is this really vegan? Damn.

This food experience killed me. I had so many prejudices in my head (not negative!!). I always believed that vegan stuff is not as special as the normal stuff and also it can’t taste like originals since so many ingredients can’t be replaced, am I right? No, I wasn’t. The cinnamon roll is the best evidence!

Vegan food is good! It can be beyond creative and it’s definitely not boring!

By CHLOE. is one of the best restaurants in New York – you really need to check this out: vegans or non-vegans treat your mouth!

By CHLOE., 185 Bleecker St Suite B ($-$$)