7:46 PM Happy new year, dear lovebirds! I hope you welcomed the new year in the best manner and you feel ready to conquer the next 363 days! 
Right now I feel a bit overwhelmed with everyone posting their highlights from last year and their even longer lists what to accomplish this year....Slow down, slow down. 
I feel pretty annoyed sometimes reading too much of this and that's why I am focusing on simple things now - for example books! 

I don't want to put pressure on myself thinking about what things I have to accomplish now or in the next three months. I want to work on my personal growth and I want to focus on my being - how can I become better, wiser, stronger, healthier? 

The book club is the best helper in this scenario and I bet that a book can help anyone out there reaching one of their goals. Even if one quote only helps you to work on your wish or dream - books have a special power which is beyond. 

The last months, we read awesome books together and I love that each time we have something new to explore. Cookbooks, autobiographies, a self-helping book - I'm down for anything! I am a student and I love to matter what. 

Now that 2018 started, I will definitely continue learning and studying more through reading! I already ordered my first books (I mostly buy used books) but none of these will make it to the book club (those are language books). Deep inside, my blood is already rushing through my veins because I am excited to read a new book with you! So far...I have no idea what to read next and that's why I browsed through the web and checked my notes: I have a list of many things I want to go through or read. 

What do you think about the selection above? Is there something cool to read for the book club? 
To be honest, I really want to buy myself more cookbooks and I am proud to say that I am a new Hemsley fan! God, there is so much cool to explore: political readings, stereotyes and gender roles, American classics, more nerd stuff about running! Rupi's second book is also high on my list....
Well maybe you should decide: what do you want to read next? Any ideas? Inspirations? 

Share your thoughts!