3:44 PM During my visit I wasn't really in the mood to shop much - I wanted to check out some vintage stores, just because it's more fun to shop vintage things in the Big Apple. I'm actually never in the mood to go, because since vintage stuff is getting more and more popular, the stores are always beyond crowded.  Nevertheless, I wanted to check out what's out there - I don't want to miss out!

If you happen to plan a trip to NYC, make sure to plan to visit some vintage stores, because you will always find great stuff for less!  Today I want to show you my dearest favorite store: L Train Vintage.  The first time I visited the shop on 1st Ave, I walked pass, since I didn't really notice it. Don't judge a book by its cover - it's a typical vintage store, that's how they look!

L Train is huge and their selection is just awesome! During my last visit, it wasn't crazy crowded so shopping or browsing through stuff was super relaxing.  You find a great selection of jackets : denim, outdoor, sport; jeans, shorts, skirts, shirts, sweaters, you name it... they even got old cheerleader uniforms... AND SO MANY ACCESSORIES!
My highlight are always the sport jerseys - preferred from my favorite team the NY Giants (yeah, boo me).  They had one Giants jersey last time I came, but one girl came earlier and said that she can't wait to cut it...(I was crying deep inside). 

But - with this I am saying that the selection at L Train will always make you happy! It's super affordable and the clothes' quality is beyond good!  Since the Giants jersey was gone, I decided to take a pair of jeans with me - they look new, 8$ - I'm in heaven and I enjoy wearing them here in South Africa. 
I hope I will find some vintage stores here in Cape Town as well and I will surely update you on NYC and its vintage paradise!

Maybe I will create a little vintage guide for you - wave/ holla if you are interested! 

L TRAIN VINTAGE, 204 1st Ave, East Village, NY ($)