7:24 PM I am from a city that is highly decorated with beautiful art. Many people who don't like graffiti feel offended or call my city ugly — I enjoy this beyond and I will never feel bad about it.


I love walking pass my favorite sprayed walls, getting new inspiration or just admiring how many great artists exist, hiding with all the missing success they should actually be accompanied by. I applaud for the talented kids out there!

Then, I happen to leave Europe and check out NYC's walls... Man, you need days to explore them — but it's worth it. While in Europe, I feel everything is more abstract, sometimes a bit too old school, I love exploring NYC's iconic style. It's a true mirror of our state of mind and state of society. From problems,  struggles, hopes, and dreams - to the brightest colors with inspiring quotes!

After a long day in the city, being busy, running from A to Z, I feel happy passing my favorite mural which gives me a smile on my face or a great kick in my butt to aspire having a better day tomorrow! Via Instagram, I checked what kind of murals are the most popular right now - any hyped artist or cool motives I shouldn't miss...There was a lot! (but yeah, thank you Instagram!)
As soon as I hit the streets, I was happy to see some motives live after discovering them via so many people's profiles. I loved it!

What I loved even more was the fact how many people feel like me, taking pictures (selfies) from the art work, touching the paint, or just staring at it. There are so many murals spread around the city and I feel good knowing that certain paintings or simple messages make some people's day! That's what art does :)

And since art plays a major part in my life, I wanted to take you with me to see the same things I enjoy! If you are new to this, no worries, I got you. Let me make you happy or at least smile for a second with my murals video! Dear New York, thank you for all your inspiration!