10:33 PM Oh wow! More and more I am realizing that I will be leaving for South Africa really soon! Only a few more days! When it comes to travelling in general, I really enjoy the excitement and all the general planning that happens before I leave! Next to a lot of ahead planning (for the blog also) I love creating special music playlists which get me in the mood - sexy beach vibes or whatever comes my way.

December gave us some really good music and that's why I am beyond excited to create my South Africa playlist! If I had the time, I would create a special Africa running mix - but hey, there's already a lot to choose from (check them out), so all is good!
I share a lot of music with you, but I believe that tiny views into my iTunes playlist can be interesting as well! That's why I am sharing my must-listenings with you today!
Get these songs to vibe with me or get in the right mood to start the new week ~

*my extra tip if you haven't noticed: THE NEW N.E.R.D ALBUM IS BEYOND AWESOME!! I want to cry, haha ~ And please make sure to check out my friend MORRIS' latest master piece "POP.MORRIS [Volume Four]" - art, art, art!

What else shall I add to my playlist?