10:41 PM On my birthday in December I had one big wish: I wanted to do my first clean up action! We do not have an ocean here, but I live close by the lake and river, so I decided to head to our river which enjoys way too much human life.
I grabbed my sister and two trash bags, one for each, to collect as much trash as we could. It was pretty warm on my birthday, the sun was shining, but I didn't expect the river bank being SO DIRTY at this time of the year...there was still stuff laying around from summer BBQs or such...
There's all the plastic trash you can imagine: culinary things, bags, packaging, and so much more. 

Yes, I was surprised to see all of that stuff (I mean how much it really was), but I was more annoyed, frustrated, and a bit pissed, seeing how ignorant everyone is!

I still use plastic as well - not a lot (I try to cut it down wherever I can), but when I'm using it (especially outside) I am aware of what I'm doing!

I quit using straws - there are safe and environmental friendly options to choose. 
I quit using plastic bags and I try to get my things fresh like that and not wrapped in three layers of plastic...

I know it's tough and it always depends on where you live...some access is easier, some is beyond difficult. The access to more sustainability is a problem we don't only have in Europe or the US...there is no "it's his or their fault" - truth is: we are in this together! It's our fault.

Picking up the trash, I felt ashamed.

I lived like this, too. I threw my straws on the ground...I invested tons of $ in diverse plastic things....I used cosmetics with mircobeads.
Having all the knowledge now, I feel guilty. I want to give back and I want to wake you up as well!

The oceans need us more than ever. 

We need to act. NOW. 
not tomorrow. 

I think our clean-up was only for 1h, but oh boy, we found a good amount of trash.

This was definitely not the last time I did this and actions like these really don't hurt.
Grab your kids and take them out to explore nature and take care of our environment! When you hang out with your friends and you happen to spend time in nature, tell them to not leave their trash at random places or throw them into the water. Act responsible.

Help saving the oceans ~